Monday, July 23, 2007

Updates on last week!
18th was my DH's birthday. I cooked him a nice chinese dinner that day. He wanted some fried dumpling and BBQ honey pork. Eventhough we are together for 8 years already, this was his 2nd birthday that I celebrated with him. The first celebration was actually the first time we met. He flew himself all the way from US to Malaysia to meet me. Hmmm... time passes by so fast and I am glad that we are finally together now. Happy Birthday to you John! Thanks for being there for me all the time and I love the way you love me. Thanks again for everything! I baked him a birthday cake too. It was a devilish triple chocolate fudge cake. You can tell how sinful this cake is based on its name. Look at the picture then you will have the idea why some MnMs gone missing from the fridge! haha...

JF = John Figueroa~

I bought some Addi circular needles from Ebay and they arrived from Hongkong safely last week. 6 pairs of them only cost me 33usd. Good deal right? I have 8 pairs of Addi now and I can see myself keeping all those other bamboo, plastic, metal needles away in the cupboard for some good times. I really love my Addi needles. Most of them are in 32", 80cm length. I am very happy with this transaction. Seller actually wrapped all the needles nicely in a transparent pinky bag with golden look-alike LV prints on it. If you are a beginner knitter, and in the process of collecting different size of needles, please BUY Addi turbo circular needles. I understand they are very costly for some people but you definitely have no regrets getting these wonderful Addi. Like what I did, you can actually get good deal sometimes at Ebay.

I completed another shrug few days ago. A same shrug as I knitted before but this one is in Ivory and smaller size. Just shipped it to Alexis today and hopefully she will like it. Now, I am knitting a my-own-design top. I am doing good so far, been writing down the pattern carefully. I am making it in a fitted size S. I guess it will take another 10 days or so to finish and then, I will need to take few more days to write out the pattern in variety sizes. Please have a glance on what I have knitted so far. I personally like the yarn color. Right now, I still can't make up my mind how I want the neckline and sleeves to be but pretty soon, I will finalize it.

the cable and special ribbing looks neat, don't they? =)