Saturday, July 14, 2007

One day project --- Stripe Felted Bag
I've been thinking hard of what to knit for more than a day. This morning, I sat motionless in front of my laptop and finally DH realized about my problem. Then he suggested me to knit a felted bag. He is actually very amazed and impressed of the whole felting process. After hearing that suggestion, I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulder and said :" why not?" Then I picked out some wool yarn from my yarn stash and began the project!

This time, I kinda played with the colourful wool yarn. I made a stripe tote. I knit, and knit and knit and knit... and I crochet a little bit as well... and I got this in the evening...

Not even waited for another minute, I felted this bag in my kitchen sink. Yes, I din't use the regular method, which is felting in the washing machine. Instead, I felted it with HOT water in the kitchen sink. I rubbed the bag patiently in the hot water for some times, and then washed it with SUPER COLD water (Ya, I added ice cube in it). Going through this alternating HOT and COLD water " shocking " effect twice, the bag felted sweet and nice. The bag in the picture below was not dried and done yet. I am thinking of adding a magnetic snap on it. It will be better if I could do the lining within but too bad, my sewing skill is not good enough.

The pictures actually don't show the real color of this bag. That is not blue. It is actually more like greeny blue. My camera just can't reflect the real color and I know nothing about Photoshop!

As a conclusion, I like this bag! I think it is a better felting project compared with those were previously done.