Sunday, July 01, 2007

Final Package Arrived!
I have to praise my SP10. She is such a sweet heart and the package arrived at the LAST day of the SP10, which is yesterday. It just made my day! Coarine sent me 4 balls of Katia Fanny in sweet pink, a pair of Addi turbo circular needles in 4mm, 16", some very nice cards, note pads, a minisweater keychain and some wool wash shampoo!!! Oh, this was the BEST Saturday for this month! Thanks so much Coarine. I love everything you picked! I think I might knit a cable vest with those Katia. Very excited since I never knit any yarn like that before. BIG thanks to you again Coarine!!! * Still in excitement of liking this package very much! *

Remember that I told you gals that I bought some colourful yarn which I wanted to knit a tube top? I have completed it and Nina came over to model it for me. Zillion thanks to Nina too. She is such a understanding babe, always willing to try on those knitted garment for me. I really appreciate very much! Cotton yarn from Peaches & Creme, knitting in round with a wavy pattern. Just a simple tube top for this summer! You should know I seldom knit any garment with such bright and colourful yarn but this was a good try and quick knit and I enjoyed it! I should have steam-ironned it before Nina put it on. I think the top will look longer and better! John said it looks something very Mexican! I just think this will be something gorgeous to wear when you go to the beach! What do you think?

I got myself something special for dinner today. We went to the Chinese supermarket in the afternoon to get some instant noodles and rice. And... I came across this FOOD! Something I din't eat for... hmmm... at least 5 months. It is Dumpling 棕子!!!I bought a Meat-n-Nuts dumpling. Well, of course it is not as delicious as what I used to eat back home but it satisfied me heaps. Sometimes, I just want to eat some food that I used to eat alot in Malaysia, eventhough I know they taste differently here, still that make me feel HOME again. It makes me feel that HOME is not that far away... Yeah~ Malaysia is not far away from Texas. I just need to take a 24hrs flight, transit at Japan/korea, then I will be home again inhaling the sweet Malaysia air! haha... not too far away definitely! * I convince and brainwash myself in this FACT at least twice a month * Hey, homesick is unbearable k? =(

For the blouse I knit for my MIL, I am at the second sleeves now. I need probably another hour to finish the whole blouse. I just worried that it might be bit larger than it should be. I dont know. Hmmm... Hopefully it will SHRINK abit after wash? I dont feel like blocking this piece though as they are in cotton n acrylic yarn. Well, I will at least iron-steam it and see what happen.