Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday America~
This is the first Independence Day of America I ever have in my life. We will have dinner gathering with our family at my parents in-law's house. I will fry some dumplings as side dish. The party was initially planned to be held at John's sister, Rosanne's house, but my father in-law is sick, infected with pneumonia so we will have the dinner at their place. I have no idea if I could see any nice fireworks from my parents in-law's place but I am pretty sure I will have enough good food and liquor! =) Happy 231th Birthday to America~

My mother in-law and DH's birthday is just 8 days apart. Coming 10th will be my MIL 70th birthday. Most probably they will throw their birthday celebrations together at one of the coming weekend. I completed the blouse for my MIL but I haven't named the blouse yet. What should I name it? The chosen lace pattern kinda reminds me of Orchid flower. I think I should name it something with Orchid... Hmmm... How about Phoenix Orchid? In China, Phoenix represents the Queen and Dragon represents the King. Well, I think I will stick with this idea. Now I announce, Phoenix Orchid - the blouse which I made for my MIL as her 70th birthday present.

This is a self-pattern knitted garment. I use the Cotton-ease yarn from Lionbrand, 3 balls with needles 4.5mm. The lace pattern was chosen from one of my Japanese pattern books. Honestly, this pattern is quite hassling, cause you have to make some decrease stitches at wrong side as well. But I learn some new stitches from this pattern. I think the lace pattern will be more outstanding with using thinner yarn! DK yarn will be the best!
I started and ended the front and back piece with 2 purl stitches at the side. This gives a nice purl stitch line after seamed. Also, I made some YO decrease stitch along the arm-hole shaping edge at both sides. I am quite impressed with the decrease stitches I made at the neckline and sleeves. I would say, after some practises in seaming and picking up the stitch, I do see some improvements in myself. But then, I just find it very hard to write the pattern out. I love to knit with the flow and make up the pattern along I knit. So its just difficult for me to write out the details. This is really something I wanna do. I wanna learn how to write out a pattern badly. But... just don't know how and where to start...

Side view of the blouse - Simple lace pattern on sleeves and the purl stitch at the side after seamed

Anyhow, I hope this blouse will fit my MIL and I will try to take a picture of her wearing it ok? I have just casted on a NEW PROJECT! This is a gift for someone special. Won't reveal it until the special one receives it!