Sunday, July 15, 2007

First Ever bag lining
After referring to some online bag lining tutorials, I decided to do that for my felted bag. I bought a small piece of cotton fabric, some sewing needles and a magnetic snap, then ready for the lining. I cut and seamed the lining pieces according THIS tutorial. I found that it is easier to understand, maybe my sewing knowledge is very limited, thats why I can't really understand some other wonderful tutorials.

I just realized there are quite much fun in hand-sewing, I love doing that. I sewed slowly... slowly... and I did POKE my finger twice. haha~ I also very enjoy placing the magnetic snap on the lining. I reinforced it as what the tutorial showed. The outcome is good! =)

After an hour or so, TA DA~ My felted bag is even better now, almost PERFECT! =p Look at the lining! I did it! I made it! After making this bag, I feel like making more bag!!! Even thinking of getting a sewing machine one day. Sewing is fun, knitting is fun. How I wish I could have more time, more hands!

For knitting updates, I am knitting another shrug for a customer from ETSY. She wants the same long sleeves cable shrug I made weeks ago. She wants it in Ivory. I will upload the completed garment by coming Friday.