Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PPP = PayPerPost
I started blogging like 2 years ago. I talk about my knitting story, my knitting project here. I never expect that I could have such much fun in blogging about my hobby. I get to know many other knitters from over the world and at the same time I also get the chance to know more about the blogging world.

I heard about PayPerPost sometimes ago. It is not hard to approach this in most of the blogs but I just have no idea what it was back then. Blogging is such a big thing nowadays and making money through blogging is even bigger. We heard so much about how those bloggers make BIG money and they could actually quit their job and be a full time blogger. Maybe I should not AIM to be that BIG but if you could make some pocket money or extra money monthly through your blog, why not right? So, I spent sometimes to figure out what exactly PayPerPost is and now I am going to share with you all.

First thing, you must have your own blog. But if you dont have one, and you are so tempted to start one to make some money, you can start your blog right now. Next, go to the PayPerPost site, register yourself as a member. Following the simple and clear instruction, you edit your blog and wait for the approval from PPP. It will take days to receive the approval email. Once you get the approval, you can start looking up at those qualified opportunities. Take the opportunity and make a post in your blog. YOU get paid after the post get approved. It does not sound difficult at all right?

Why not give yourself a try? There are many nice blogs and bloggers to share their money making journey with you. Its not THAT hard as you imagine. So, lets start this wonderful journey together!

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