Monday, July 09, 2007

Ciao Bella~ 07.07.07
I wanted to post it on 07.07.07 that day but I was very lazy that night. It was the luckiest day in this century... 777 = 21~ Black Jack!!! John and I went buy 7 Texas lottery and 7 mega million that day and we had no luck on the Texas lottery. haha~ Lets see what happen on the mega million this coming Tuesday ya! One thing, someone WON 120million in the mega million on last Friday. He is a military guy who is ready to be shipped to Iraq though. Good luck to him in the war and HE MUST come back safely to spend the money good! All the best to you dude!!!
Natalie's boyfriend Umut opened up his own Italian restaurant a week ago. We visited there when it was still in renovation. So at 07.07.07, we have our first visit there after this restaurant opened. The food are SOO GREAT!!! Everything is delicious!!! Actually, the menu is similar to the previous restaurant Umut worked but then the kitchen does change around the recipe abit and the food are even BETTER now. We always have chicken pasta but this time, Natalie wanted us to try the Pizza. So we did. See what we had!!! We order a plate of fried calamari as appetizer. Before I could REMEMBER to snap a photo, we just couldnt help eating it non-stop! I only managed to take a picture of the MEGA GIANT large supreme pizza! haha~ Its a family size LARGE pizza. Needless to say, it is sooo delicious!!! yummy... yummy... so now you know why I was so lazy that night. What do you expect after having such BIG pizza and few glasses of wine? I just lazed around.. watching TV! =)

Here are some pictures of the restaurant. It is not a very big restaurant. But Natalie did a good job in painting and renovating the restaurant. Customers can see how the chef make the pizza because the oven is just behind the counter. Umut is very good in socializing with all the customers and they all like him very much. So we wont be surprised how well the business is now. Way to go Natalie and Umut! So happy for you guys! Oh ya, forget to mention, they do delivery order as well. We are planning to have my mother in-law's birthday party there then we can eat MOST of the food in the MENU!!! And, this restaurant named Ciao Bella~

The oven is just behind the counter!

Some nice scenery pictures of ITALY!

Wine bottles with customers' signatures on. We will have ours there soon!

I am knitting something! Something special and secret I mentioned before. Almost complete. At the same time, I want to CO something new. But no idea what to knit though. I have ordered 2 catalogues from Phildar during sales and I have bidden "some" addi needles from ebay as well. I will be checking my mail box regularly. I WANT THEM BADLY!!!
This is a small note to Jo from Shreveport!!! If you read this, please write me ok? I would like to kawan dengan you! =) * Write Me - * Its always GREAT to know someone from Malaysia in the state.