Friday, November 21, 2008

The Naked Brothers Band
I watch cartoon almost everyday with John. Spongebob and Jimmy Neutron are the shows that we enjoy watching the most in the morning. The first time I saw the Naked Brother Band was on Nickelodeon. The band is formed by two cute brothers with few other kids and they sing and play instruments very well. You will be amazed see their performance on the stage based on their age. There are few songs that they do are pretty good. The one that I like the most is "I don't want to go to school".
If you like the Naked Brother Band as much as my nephews do, you will know the Naked Brother Band will have their movie "Operation Mojo" aired at Nickelodeon soon. As part of their new premier, Nat and Alex Wolff will have a live chat with their fans on this Saturday, 22nd November.

In the movie, Nad happens to has lost his Mojo and the whole story is about how the band heads to the woods for some Dudification and to find Nad's mojo back. It is a movie that most of the kids will enjoy very much. Parents should really spend time with their kids to watch this movie with them and have some good time together.