Friday, November 21, 2008

My Interview
The interview was arranged at some times before 3pm. I arrived that place around 2.30pm. When I stepped in the office, I saw two men there, an Indian and a Korean. Maya, the assistant girl who talked to me through phone was away. These two men were in their nice suit, talked loud. Talked like lawyers I would say.

They say hi to me and told me the main boss was not around. I can sit for a while waiting for his return. The office is not too big but there are 3, 4 rooms within the office. After 20 minutes or so, Maya came back with a big smile. She is a sweet 21yr old Taiwanese girl who grow up at Texas for most of her life. She speaks totally like an american kid and she speaks good mandarin too. Very impressive. That is how I wish i could raise my kid to be in the future. Anyway, she was nice to brief me the job scope, the daily task. She did that real quickly and I can tell she is real good in what she does. But you know what, she only works for 1 month and I am really amazed with her performance.

Phone rang non-stop and Maya was busy answering phone, making notes for the lawyers. I was standing aside, observing everything. It is a real busy office. Another 20 minutes passed by, here the lawyer came in. A stylish lawyer, with branded clothings from top to toe.

He gave me a big hi once he noticed me. The next thing he did was giving me an assignment, he told me to look up information about ATVs. What is ATV? Ok, Lets google I told myself. So, it is all terrain vehicle. Ok, this stylish lawyer want me to get some information about ATV. He wanted the ATV manufacturers in the states. It took me a while to understand what exactly he wanted. I knew he was testing me, put me on tast to show my capability. I bet I ruined it big time. Anyway, I managed to get an article about the 2008 ATV annual award of a ATV magazine. Here he received that with his head nodded and said, Good , good!

After that, he been busy again, dealing with other co-workers in his office. I went to Maya desk, talked to her and tried to understand more about the whole situation. Maya is a real sweetheart. She gave me the best help she could. I really appreciate it.

Time passed by fast and it was already 5pm. I had no idea what I should do. I mean, I don't think I had a real interview with the lawyer yet. Then the lawyer called me and Maya in, told Maya to give me new assignment to do and get back to him later. What I have to do now is reseraching on Political, religion asylum and translate whatever I gather into Chinese.

So, I left the office with an assignment. And I have no idea when I have to go back again. Maya said I can go in on Monday. I think I need to pass some tasks he gives only I will be considered huh?!

Anyway, it is a good experience to see what the working environment of a law office is. I like to see how smart people work. You know how those lawyers talk, don't you? I will start looking up for the information about the Asylum and work on it this weekend. Even if I won't be taken, I think it is really a cool experience. I don't know about the working hours yet and also the pay. haha~ So, thats a cool interview experience I had.