Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Day Before Thanksgiving

I knew my LYS is going to close earlier for Thanksgiving tomorrow but I forgot what time exactly. So I woke up at 11am this morning (I stayed up till 3.30am) and made myself there at the LYS at 12.05pm. Guess what, my favourite yarn store has its doors shut on me. aaaa!!! I was like 5 minutes late. Freaking 5 minutes.

I need to get one more skein of Cascade Lana D O'ro which I think 2 skeins are not enough for my current project. Also, I accept another scarf order this morning and I need to go get a dark green wool yarn for it. Sigh, I was 5 minutes late so I can only go back on Friday. Poor me!
Green is always my favourite color. I have attached 2 green color yarn for my client to pick and guess which one is her favourite?! The first one. I like that green very much too! Basically I LOVE all green. hehe~

I think most of the knitters know about 2-stripe Noro Scarf. Not that I am not tempted to make one, but the yarn itself costs too much. A price range of 40-50dollars for yarn to make a scarf, that is really out of my budget. But yesterday, after I look at Yarn Harlot and BrooklynTweed version again, I really have to give it a second thought. I just have to say, the yarn is so perfect to knit this scarf. I am pretty sure I will look at Noro yarn in my next trip to LYS.

Noro Scarf by Yarn Harlot

Noro Scarf by Brooklyntweed