Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who Can Resist New Zealand
New Zealand is always in my list, one of the countries that I want to visit before I die. I know I should have visited when I was in Malaysia because the flying distant is definitely shorter comparing to now where I am in the States.

There is a good chance now for me to win myself a free trip to New Zealand. Air New Zealand and Larry the Travel Guy are giving away two free round trip flights from LA to Auckland, New Zealand. The exciting part of this trip is, Larry the Travel Guy will feature on the trip on his site while Air New Zealand pays for the bill. Who won't want to win this wonderful trip?

Larry the travel guy, travels around the world, intent on discovering new places, people and cultures. Hence the genesis of this site, Larry the Travel Guy, because he wanted to introduce a sense of travel, awareness and adventure to the online environment and share a glimpse of travel from his perspective. I visited to his site and looked at some clips about this traveling around the world. I can only say I wish I was him and get to visit to so many beautiful places.

If I ever won this trip to New Zealand, I will want to spend good time visiting Auckland. Not only because I have friends there that I want to meet up with, but I also want to see the 48 extinct volcano’s including the spectular perfectly conical Rangitoto Island in the middle of the harbor. I saw some pictures of my friend taken there before and it is such a breath taking place.

Also, I want to visit to some sheep farms at New Zealand. You know how much I love wool. That will be a great experience to shave some wool from sheep. I know I will enjoy that very much! I want to yell out loud from my chest now that I want to win this trip!