Friday, November 28, 2008

A Heart Warming Thanksgiving~

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!!! I think I might be a abit late to wish everyone this but I do hope everybody had a great fantastic Thanksgiving. This is the 2nd time I had thanksgiving in the States.

I won't be joining the crowd queueing in real morning for black Friday sales because I don't have anything that I want to buy. Oh, I forgot that I have actually just bought someone online. haha~ yeah, I finally got myself a set of knitpicks interchangable options needles. They are on sales now and you can purchase with the price of 50usd. Can't wait to get them.

Have you have any turkey today? I have two in a day. We went to Diana's for lunch and then went to my parents in laws for dinner. Both turkeys are so delicious. I love turkey as long as you cooked them real moist and juicy. Yummy!!! I had some real good pies as well!!! Home made pies!!!

Thanksgiving is the special occasion that you spend with your family, your love one and be thankful of what God has been providing. I deeply appreciate what I have and am real thankful for God's provision. I here pray for everyone important in life that they all will be blessed with good health, healthy mental! Be happy everybody!