Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Sales at Woolie Ewe
I stayed up real late at the Thanksgiving day, like 4am only I went to bed. But I managed to wake up at 5 hours later. I din't know why I woke up so early its not like I had any special shopping plan on that day. But like I always believe, everything happens for a reason. I yelled out loud after I read the email from Woolie Ewe. Aaaahhh, they are having Thanksgiving appreciation Sales on Friday and Saturday, ALL Rowan yarn and books are 50% discount!!! Hey, it is Rowan!!! Ok, I looked the clock and it was 9.30am, I got myself ready in 10 minutes and left to Woolie Ewe in my handsome Rudolph (my chevy).

It only takes me 8 minutes or so to reach there. I can tell they are not opened yet but I waited patiently in my car till 10am sharp. At the same time while I was waiting, I looked around the cars that parked next to me and I realized there were few women just like me, in their cars waiting for the shop to open. Aaahh, what a gang of lovely knitters we are!

I have used Rowan cashsoft before and now knitting with felted tweed. I have to say I am very happy with them. Guess what I grab yesterday? I got some cashsoft again, cotton 4 ply, and some kids classic. Ohh, they are so lovely and gorgeous. It won't be too hard to figure out what color I picked this time. Purple!!! Yes, most of the mare mainly in Purple color.

Besides Rowan, I got some ella Rae wool as well to knit a scarf. I love yarn shopping. That is not done yet, I will go Michaels and Jo Ann for some Patron yarn. They are on sales as well! So many projects and so little time. I been knitting like crazy lately no joking!!! But I enjoy it! =)