Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day
I had good time at my parents in-law house yesterday, having smoked ham, wine and watched the memorial concert together. Yes, I able to complete the arctic diamond SCARF! Its 25" x 25". Rosanne loves it and I got compliments from the others as well. Its always such a joy to knit something for your love one. But then, that is not a perfect scarf because I have dropped few stitches at a point and I couldnt picked them back to the right pattern... and it shows a kinda BIG O there! I showed Rossane the flaw and she is nice enough to say it wont be SEEN easily. I would like to knit this again, but definitely will use the recommended needle size.

I CO the little smoked cardigan last night, using my new addi turbo circular needle. This is the first addi I have and I really love it. I got this needle from my LYS yesterday, 35% off. Ya, I should get few more in such great price right? And... I bought 4 balls of wool yarn, Ella rae Classic. Yarn from Romania, each ball 100mg, 200meters. Affordable yarn!!! Back to the smoked cardigan, I started with the back piece and have knitted to the arm-hole shaping part. I can see myself completing this in a week. At the same time, I am waiting for my yarn which ordered from Joanns, a sweet gal from Australia wants me to knit her a cable tube dress and this will take pretty long time to complete.

My new yarn with my favourite Hello Kitty toy from someone special!

I watched a very nice movie tonight. Its a old French movie, Amelie! Yes, I dint have the chance to watch this movie till today. Its really really a sweet meaningful movie. I love it!

Friday, May 25, 2007

3-days Weekend!
It is a quick shipping! I receive the yarn like 2 days after the order. Hmmm... the colour of the cotton shine sport is abit different from what I expected but it is alright. I also ordered some Pallete wool yarn, in navy colour. Would really like to knit a lace sleeveless top with this navy yarn and no idea yet what I will do with the cotton shine sport.

My Secret Pal 10 sent me the 1st package 2 weeks ago. She sent me 2 skein sweet pinky organic wool yarn!!! They are well wrapped in the package! What a beautiful gift from her! Thanks alot Coar! Seems like my yarn stash is GROWING tremendously, I love this!

It is a rainy Friday, it rained heavily when we went visiting Natalie. Her BF is going to run a Italian restaurant and they are busy renovating that place. This restaurant located at a very nice, expensive housing area. Those houses around are just too gorgeous!!! I will try to take some pictures of the restaurant when it opens 2 weeks later. They do serve good FOOD!!! Way to go Natalie and Umut!!!

We got home like 7 something, before I cooked the dinner, I received this very important email! This email totally lighten up my weekend! Guess what? haha~ My favourite LYS is having this Birthday Special Sales tomorrow!!! From 10am - 4.30pm.... EVERYTHING 35% off!!! EVERYTHING!!! I guess its the owner's birthday, so we have this special sales going on!!! I just couldnt help yelling out when I read the email! And John has promised to take me there at 10am in the morning! Well, I think its the good time to pick up some addi turbo needles tomorrow and of course I wish to get some nice, cheap yarn as well!!! yeah!!! I love to do yarn shopping!!! I know you love to do that too! =)

I have been knitting the Arctic diamond stole crazily, I want to give it away on Sunday. I turned on my TURBO mode again... knit, knit, knit! Faster.. FASTER !!! You know what, worst to worst... the stole just have to TRANSFORM into a square SCARF! haha! We will see!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

4 more repetitions to go!
I just finished a white cotton lacey shrug last night, which ordered by my client from ETSY. She wants it to be in longer sleeves. Hopefully she is happy with this shrug! =)

At the same time, I am working on my Arctic Diamonds Stole too. I abled to complete the 1st repetition and there are 4 more to go. I believe I have enough yarn for this stole, still I am crossing my finger. Fingers are itchy now, and cant make up my mind what I should knit next. I really wanna CO something new tonight. I really should complete my Rusted Root... I really should work on the lacey top for my mom... I should knit some slang bag for summer!!! oohhh... Too many things on mind now. What should I do next? I should look at those new pattern books and choose one, or two!

By the way, I ordered some yarn from knitpicks last night. I also ordered some circular needles, which are in size 3.50mm, 3.75mm and 4mm. I am actually very tempted to purchase the optional circular needles set but then, I think I will only get it at year end.

John got me a copy of Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel when we were in Scottsdale. I personally like few patterns in this book. Besides, I am also very much liking the Spiral Boot Socks from Interweave Knits summer 07. If I make it, I would want it to be in shorter length. But it must be in this sweet baby pink color! So sweet!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long drive home!
It took another 16hrs to get home from Arizona. It was a long long drive ladies! I been knitting, sleeping, reading magazine in the trip. Poor John drove all the time! Oh ya, I kinda drove about 15mins for him! haha... and that scared his sleepiness away REAL quick. I havent got my driving license here yet and John just bought me a new car days ago. So, I really need to get a license as soon as possible!

Me having so much fun knitting the lacey stole and playing with it! ha~

I took some pictures during this trip, not too many actually! Supposingly, I should have taken some pictures with those TALL n BIG cactus everywhere in Arizona but then John was busy working. We will go back Scottsdale again most probably 2 months later but we will fly up there next time. Those cactus are real pretty!!! Times to show some pictures now.

Such a wonderful road trip! I love those rocky stone hills and also the mountains!

Try to entertaint John abit during his boring long-drive!!!

Robin is having this 3rd contest for her SP10 group. We have to flash our STASH!!! Haha... well.

Not too many to show though! Here you go Robin! =)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey Arizona, ur so HOT!
I arrived Scottsdale Arizona last night, around 6pm (Arizona time). Its a freaking 16hrs trip, driving from Plano. It is John's business trip and he could have flew up here but then he wants me to come along so we decided to drive here. It was a so much better trip compared to the trip to Las Vegas. I guess its because of the vehicle we used! We drove our new car to Scottsdale this time. It is so much more comfortable than travelling in the truck. By the way, the weather is so HOT here!!! its 100F...
I have 3 knitting projects with me in this trip! I CO the Arctic Diamond Stole using the lace weight yarn I bought from Ebay. This project will definitely take times. I am using 3mm circular needle. I want to make this for Rosanne, John's sister as her birthday present. I think I will only be able to pass it to her at next weekend since we only got home this weekend.
I added one more Parka-Trim Diamond repetition for this stole and after knitting about 50 rows, I started worrying that I might not have enough yarn to knit to the desire length. What a stupid me! I really shouldn't have added one more repetition. Well, I wont frog it!!! cause I am knitting with double strand of yarn and it can be soooo irritating to frog it now. I will keep going. Each ball is about 1000m. Worst to worst, the length has to be shorter then. Cross my finger here!!!

And you know what I am so tempted to knit for my next project? TA da... This the one - Little Smoked Cardigan !!! I want to make it into short sleeves! Hmmm... I actually have the yarn and needles with me. I can probably CO tomorrow!!! YEAH!!! Mine one will be a grey cardigan!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Still adjusting myself......

I was supposed to come home at 1st of May, but my flight delayed!!! So it ended up I only came home yesterday morning. It was a great and sweet 5-wk vacation back home. I still insisted to call Malaysia my HOME eventhough John told me US should be called Home now.

I am kicking off the jetlag pretty good so far but still kinda moody though. I guess I still miss home. That sounds terrible right? Please give me some times. Malaysia is the place I was born and raised for 26 yrs. I will always miss it! Just give me more times to love Texas as much as I love John!

I dint knit much at the pass few weeks. Honestly, I am not in the knitting mood yet!!! I tried to complete my rusted root but badly, it still has few more inches to go. The yarn I used was disappointing this time. There are way too many knots in a ball. I will definitely knit another rusted root with other yarn.

Yeah, I have set a date for my wedding banquet at the end of the year. It will be at 30th Nov. And guess what, the very important thing I have to do now is... on diet! Losing weight! ha~ Wish me luck!