Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long drive home!
It took another 16hrs to get home from Arizona. It was a long long drive ladies! I been knitting, sleeping, reading magazine in the trip. Poor John drove all the time! Oh ya, I kinda drove about 15mins for him! haha... and that scared his sleepiness away REAL quick. I havent got my driving license here yet and John just bought me a new car days ago. So, I really need to get a license as soon as possible!

Me having so much fun knitting the lacey stole and playing with it! ha~

I took some pictures during this trip, not too many actually! Supposingly, I should have taken some pictures with those TALL n BIG cactus everywhere in Arizona but then John was busy working. We will go back Scottsdale again most probably 2 months later but we will fly up there next time. Those cactus are real pretty!!! Times to show some pictures now.

Such a wonderful road trip! I love those rocky stone hills and also the mountains!

Try to entertaint John abit during his boring long-drive!!!

Robin is having this 3rd contest for her SP10 group. We have to flash our STASH!!! Haha... well.

Not too many to show though! Here you go Robin! =)