Monday, May 07, 2007

Still adjusting myself......

I was supposed to come home at 1st of May, but my flight delayed!!! So it ended up I only came home yesterday morning. It was a great and sweet 5-wk vacation back home. I still insisted to call Malaysia my HOME eventhough John told me US should be called Home now.

I am kicking off the jetlag pretty good so far but still kinda moody though. I guess I still miss home. That sounds terrible right? Please give me some times. Malaysia is the place I was born and raised for 26 yrs. I will always miss it! Just give me more times to love Texas as much as I love John!

I dint knit much at the pass few weeks. Honestly, I am not in the knitting mood yet!!! I tried to complete my rusted root but badly, it still has few more inches to go. The yarn I used was disappointing this time. There are way too many knots in a ball. I will definitely knit another rusted root with other yarn.

Yeah, I have set a date for my wedding banquet at the end of the year. It will be at 30th Nov. And guess what, the very important thing I have to do now is... on diet! Losing weight! ha~ Wish me luck!