Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey Arizona, ur so HOT!
I arrived Scottsdale Arizona last night, around 6pm (Arizona time). Its a freaking 16hrs trip, driving from Plano. It is John's business trip and he could have flew up here but then he wants me to come along so we decided to drive here. It was a so much better trip compared to the trip to Las Vegas. I guess its because of the vehicle we used! We drove our new car to Scottsdale this time. It is so much more comfortable than travelling in the truck. By the way, the weather is so HOT here!!! its 100F...
I have 3 knitting projects with me in this trip! I CO the Arctic Diamond Stole using the lace weight yarn I bought from Ebay. This project will definitely take times. I am using 3mm circular needle. I want to make this for Rosanne, John's sister as her birthday present. I think I will only be able to pass it to her at next weekend since we only got home this weekend.
I added one more Parka-Trim Diamond repetition for this stole and after knitting about 50 rows, I started worrying that I might not have enough yarn to knit to the desire length. What a stupid me! I really shouldn't have added one more repetition. Well, I wont frog it!!! cause I am knitting with double strand of yarn and it can be soooo irritating to frog it now. I will keep going. Each ball is about 1000m. Worst to worst, the length has to be shorter then. Cross my finger here!!!

And you know what I am so tempted to knit for my next project? TA da... This the one - Little Smoked Cardigan !!! I want to make it into short sleeves! Hmmm... I actually have the yarn and needles with me. I can probably CO tomorrow!!! YEAH!!! Mine one will be a grey cardigan!