Friday, May 25, 2007

3-days Weekend!
It is a quick shipping! I receive the yarn like 2 days after the order. Hmmm... the colour of the cotton shine sport is abit different from what I expected but it is alright. I also ordered some Pallete wool yarn, in navy colour. Would really like to knit a lace sleeveless top with this navy yarn and no idea yet what I will do with the cotton shine sport.

My Secret Pal 10 sent me the 1st package 2 weeks ago. She sent me 2 skein sweet pinky organic wool yarn!!! They are well wrapped in the package! What a beautiful gift from her! Thanks alot Coar! Seems like my yarn stash is GROWING tremendously, I love this!

It is a rainy Friday, it rained heavily when we went visiting Natalie. Her BF is going to run a Italian restaurant and they are busy renovating that place. This restaurant located at a very nice, expensive housing area. Those houses around are just too gorgeous!!! I will try to take some pictures of the restaurant when it opens 2 weeks later. They do serve good FOOD!!! Way to go Natalie and Umut!!!

We got home like 7 something, before I cooked the dinner, I received this very important email! This email totally lighten up my weekend! Guess what? haha~ My favourite LYS is having this Birthday Special Sales tomorrow!!! From 10am - 4.30pm.... EVERYTHING 35% off!!! EVERYTHING!!! I guess its the owner's birthday, so we have this special sales going on!!! I just couldnt help yelling out when I read the email! And John has promised to take me there at 10am in the morning! Well, I think its the good time to pick up some addi turbo needles tomorrow and of course I wish to get some nice, cheap yarn as well!!! yeah!!! I love to do yarn shopping!!! I know you love to do that too! =)

I have been knitting the Arctic diamond stole crazily, I want to give it away on Sunday. I turned on my TURBO mode again... knit, knit, knit! Faster.. FASTER !!! You know what, worst to worst... the stole just have to TRANSFORM into a square SCARF! haha! We will see!