Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day
I had good time at my parents in-law house yesterday, having smoked ham, wine and watched the memorial concert together. Yes, I able to complete the arctic diamond SCARF! Its 25" x 25". Rosanne loves it and I got compliments from the others as well. Its always such a joy to knit something for your love one. But then, that is not a perfect scarf because I have dropped few stitches at a point and I couldnt picked them back to the right pattern... and it shows a kinda BIG O there! I showed Rossane the flaw and she is nice enough to say it wont be SEEN easily. I would like to knit this again, but definitely will use the recommended needle size.

I CO the little smoked cardigan last night, using my new addi turbo circular needle. This is the first addi I have and I really love it. I got this needle from my LYS yesterday, 35% off. Ya, I should get few more in such great price right? And... I bought 4 balls of wool yarn, Ella rae Classic. Yarn from Romania, each ball 100mg, 200meters. Affordable yarn!!! Back to the smoked cardigan, I started with the back piece and have knitted to the arm-hole shaping part. I can see myself completing this in a week. At the same time, I am waiting for my yarn which ordered from Joanns, a sweet gal from Australia wants me to knit her a cable tube dress and this will take pretty long time to complete.

My new yarn with my favourite Hello Kitty toy from someone special!

I watched a very nice movie tonight. Its a old French movie, Amelie! Yes, I dint have the chance to watch this movie till today. Its really really a sweet meaningful movie. I love it!