Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Its less than 12USD!
This is the cheapest project so far I have made and it come out very nice. I really like it. I havent bought the buttons for it. I am talking about the cropped jacket, pattern from Mag.Rebecca 31. I knit it with Lily Cream 'n' Sugar - Yellow. 5 balls and they do not even cost more than 12USD. This is a bulky cotton sweater/jacket which is nice to wear at home. I like this yellow color! Might try out other color of this yarn in the future.

What a dirty mirrow! Its time to clean it up!

I like the neck band! simple and smooth! Ignore my sick n pale face! sorry!

I do a good progress in my Ingrid. Will start the right front tonight. I am watching American Idol now. I don't know why they are even there to sing... some are really sucks! I like Simon Cowell~ His accent! woo... =) WELL, back to my Ingrid. Here is the picture. I like the yarn, its soft. What do you think about the colour? I was confused what colour to pick when I was in the yarn shop, this yarn come in quite many colours. They are all nice though. I need to pick some right button for this sweater as well. What kind of button should I use? I din't really see any nice or appropriate buttons which go well with this sweater. Where else can I pick up some nice buttons? Hmmm... good questions!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Winter's Muse Classics - Louisa Harding Yarn
I grabbed this wonderful pattern book - Winter Muse Classics from Louisa Harding yarn last weekend when I visited my LYS. This is a very nice book which I really adore. I spotted few patterns that I definitely want to knit in the future. In fact, I have started on the Ingrid this morning with the wool/alpaca yarn I bought last month. This is a very simple and elegant pattern which is easy to knit too. I been using circular needle to knit most of my projects last year but after using straight needle knitting the yellow cropped jacket, I found that I kinda enjoy knitting with straight needle again now. What a weird me!

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It is a very busy knitting week for me. Not only knitting like crazy on my yellow cropped jacket, I started knitting a Pomotamus sock in white as well. I managed to finish "1" in 3 days. And I am in the " sock-free" period now. Don't feel like knitting any socks till next week. But I have more sockyarns on the way coming!!! haha!!!

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I bought 4 balls of Sugan n Cream sunkiss - yellow from Jo-ann some times ago with no idea at all what I wanted to do with them. Finally I decided to knit the cropped jacket with them. I knew exactly I wont have enough yarn to complete the whole jacket. I have one more sleeve to go and I need one more ball of yarn. So I went to Jo-ann last night try to get the yarn and you already expected what would have happened. yes... that yarn is out of stock. Eeeerrrrrrrggggghhhh...... I have such " Uhmm" power to complete the whole jacket in this week BUT now... I just have no idea when the yarn will be arrived. * sigh *

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I think I have worked on too many lacy patterns lately so its kinda relaxing working on this simple st. stitch for the back piece of Ingrid.
I din't do much with life besides knitting and watching some HongKong tv series. Finally I managed to call to the National Visa Center to talk to a operator after trying for million times. The operator was not very friendly and helpful. But I guess I obtained all the information I need from her. What I have deal with now is the USCIS department, I have to adjust my status in the state. Dang, its just way too much of fussss and crap! I hate dealing with paperworks.. applications... And way too much money on all these applications as well!! You really need alot of patient to deal with all these! Well, its a good news though I know exactly what I need to do next and I can plan for my driving lessons soon.
I don't drive for at least 7 years. I got my driving license in Malaysia when I was 18. Thats the age you can get a license and I managed to get one =) But I am just too "chicken" to drive around in busy KL city. And one real bad thing happened...... I killed a dog at the first day I drove an automatic car. We took the driving test on a manual car back home. Since then, I don't drive at all. I took public transport or cab to everywhere. Or sometimes I have all my good friends take me here and there. Its just too different in the State, you need a car to do everything. And of course its a better and easier place to drive around. But bear in mind, we drive at the wrong side in Malaysia. So... this will be a new challenge for me!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Too many things in my mind!
Weather is pretty cold these few days and we dint do much. Hubby been having so much fun with his new WOW expansion game, and I, been busy knitting and crocheting. Ya, I want to make a runner for a small table in the living room. I picked out a nice pattern and have crochetted 2 motifs so far. Sometimes, I just enjoy crochetting very much. I need to make at least 36 motif for this project. This wont be a quick n rush project.

And finally, I completed the checked socks last night. John took off the old pair and put the new pair on immediately. Here the pictures of it. I really dont like my digi cam. It doesnt take nice picture. Well, will definitely want a new digi cam!!! Will put this in my wish list.

Nice and comfortable socks for John! Simple pattern by me! =p

Pattern : by me

Yarn : SISU Maskinvaskbar GREY 50g (1 1/2 ball)

Needle : 2.25mm dpn

Did I tell you that I finished ONE pomotamus sock? Ok, I am very in love with this nice pattern. I will knit another pair with solid colour for my sweet friend. I bet she will like it too. I am very sure I already addicted to sock knitting. I ordered some sock yarns online and lately I been looking at socks pattern book as well! I am so tempted to buy the Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave ! I really want to get a copy of this.

What will I be knitting next? I really should get back to my yellow cropped jacket. I stopped at the front left last week. I should continue it tonight. Really really too many things that I want to knit. Too many ideas in my mind. I want to start my pink cardigan, but I havent made up my mind what pattern t knit. Its so difficult!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Something about Me~
I just realized I dont tell much about myself in this blog. So, I think its a good idea that I briefly introduce myself today so you can know me more.
1. I am born in Malaysia, eldest daughter in the family.
2. I have a 1-yr younger brother but I am more like his younger sister.
3. I am an aquarius.
4. I have been overweight since 10.
5. I had a funny last name, which is " FUN " and I am a " Figueroa " now.
6. Faye Wong is my favourite artist for 16 years. I love her to death.
7. I am a very talkative gal. I like to talk and laugh loud.
8. I won the best actress in a play in my University.
9. I am a big feet! size 8,9
10. I have real long hair, over my waist.
11. I am a legal drug seller - a pharmacist in Malaysia but not US ( dah! )
12. I love to sing and I can sing. ( There is a difference in these )
13. I have many good friends. I always proud of them.
14. I only have a biological brother but there are 3 other guys in this world are like my own brothers. I love them. They know who they are!
15. I always cry easily. Sad movie, injured animal, touching moment......
16. I have big facial pores and black heads problem. I mean it, BIG POREs
17. I know my husband from ICQ. Yes, it is an internet love story!
18. I love to knit. I love to knit. and I love to knit.
19. I come to US at end of 2006 and I miss home terribly.
20. I always have 2 HOME. one in Malaysia and one in Texas.
21. I look very much like my mama. I think I look like my dad too.
22. I studied and stayed in Glasgow, Scotland for 13 months. I had very great time there with my friends.
23. I lost my passport twice. But luckily someone picked it and returned to lost -n- found. Praise the Lord.
24. I continue this post after 16months.
25. I have a dog, its name is Pepe.
26. I am allergic to cat.
27.I love Addi turbo circular needles. I have 9 pairs now.
28.My first ever LV handbag is a gift from my brother.
29.I got my driving license at yr 1998 but only now I dare to drive around in the States.
30.I love make up. Totally obsessed with mascara and eyeshadow.
31.I love sudoku game and I have already completed the DS nintendo brain age 2 sudoku.
32.I love alcohol.
33.I love stickers and nice stationary.
34.I love Judge Judy.
35.I like to play Dance Dance Resolution Wii very much.
I think that is what I can think of so far for the list. I try to update it once a while when I know myself better.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Single Sock Syndrome~
Can you believe? I cast on for another sock again~ I just cant help, the sock yarn from my secret pal is way too delicious. I had some fun knitting the pomatomus!!! Another great design from Cookie in knitty.com. My hubby reminded me not to forget to knit another one sock, which is the grey checked sock, so he can wear it. Haha, I gave him a devilish smile right away~ He better understand that WILL take some times to complete! haha!
SSS -- its just a very common syndrome among knitters I guess... ITs the single sock syndrome dear~
I was actually busy having fun with some cotton yarn, knitting a cropped jacket, a pattern from Rebecca No.31. A very simple lace pattern. I use sugar n creme cotton yarn for this project. The cotton yarn is not as fine as the one I use to knit but I think it will make a nice sweater in this bigger yarn. I chose Yellow this time. Its a very light yellow. very very sweet yellow...

Can't really see the nice pattern huh? But the yarn color is sooooo nice~

Friday, January 05, 2007

Don't really like it~
I just sewed up the sleeves for my blue lacey top and can't wait to put it on. But, I don't really like it. I don't know why, its like its not long enough? I will block it later and hopefully it will turn out better. Poor lacey~ John commented that a white underneath spaghetti will go better with the blue lacey. I will get one when I go to the mall. Sigh...... You know how disappointing it could be when your knitted garment comes out not as PERFECT as you want. This is not good! I am pretty depressed now~ Maybe I used to wear longer blouse to cover my big hip and this blue lacey comes out abit shorter... thats why... Obviously the problem is not the top... BUT my body~ ooh... thats just too depressing! Well, i might lengthen it by adding on few rows of ribbing~ We'll see!!!

I try to pose some for this new project! Can still see those unweave- in yarn hang around everywhere!

I guess I HAVE TO work on those SOCKS again! But I am planning to knit a wool sweater (pink) and a cotton long sleeves cardigan (yellow). Its just not RIGHT to leave one SOCK aside and not making another one to PAIR it up! So most probably I will still cast on the new projects and have the socks knitting along. New cast-on always make my day. Let me show you how the single sock looks like k? This is what I made for my hubby! Comparing to the first pair of socks I knitted for him year ago, he is very impressed and amazed that I have improved so much in sock knitting! You know what, I plan to knit 4 pair of socks this year, which are for my parents and parents in law, as a gift for mothers' and fathers' day! Good idea hoh ?