Friday, January 05, 2007

Don't really like it~
I just sewed up the sleeves for my blue lacey top and can't wait to put it on. But, I don't really like it. I don't know why, its like its not long enough? I will block it later and hopefully it will turn out better. Poor lacey~ John commented that a white underneath spaghetti will go better with the blue lacey. I will get one when I go to the mall. Sigh...... You know how disappointing it could be when your knitted garment comes out not as PERFECT as you want. This is not good! I am pretty depressed now~ Maybe I used to wear longer blouse to cover my big hip and this blue lacey comes out abit shorter... thats why... Obviously the problem is not the top... BUT my body~ ooh... thats just too depressing! Well, i might lengthen it by adding on few rows of ribbing~ We'll see!!!

I try to pose some for this new project! Can still see those unweave- in yarn hang around everywhere!

I guess I HAVE TO work on those SOCKS again! But I am planning to knit a wool sweater (pink) and a cotton long sleeves cardigan (yellow). Its just not RIGHT to leave one SOCK aside and not making another one to PAIR it up! So most probably I will still cast on the new projects and have the socks knitting along. New cast-on always make my day. Let me show you how the single sock looks like k? This is what I made for my hubby! Comparing to the first pair of socks I knitted for him year ago, he is very impressed and amazed that I have improved so much in sock knitting! You know what, I plan to knit 4 pair of socks this year, which are for my parents and parents in law, as a gift for mothers' and fathers' day! Good idea hoh ?