Sunday, January 14, 2007

Something about Me~
I just realized I dont tell much about myself in this blog. So, I think its a good idea that I briefly introduce myself today so you can know me more.
1. I am born in Malaysia, eldest daughter in the family.
2. I have a 1-yr younger brother but I am more like his younger sister.
3. I am an aquarius.
4. I have been overweight since 10.
5. I had a funny last name, which is " FUN " and I am a " Figueroa " now.
6. Faye Wong is my favourite artist for 16 years. I love her to death.
7. I am a very talkative gal. I like to talk and laugh loud.
8. I won the best actress in a play in my University.
9. I am a big feet! size 8,9
10. I have real long hair, over my waist.
11. I am a legal drug seller - a pharmacist in Malaysia but not US ( dah! )
12. I love to sing and I can sing. ( There is a difference in these )
13. I have many good friends. I always proud of them.
14. I only have a biological brother but there are 3 other guys in this world are like my own brothers. I love them. They know who they are!
15. I always cry easily. Sad movie, injured animal, touching moment......
16. I have big facial pores and black heads problem. I mean it, BIG POREs
17. I know my husband from ICQ. Yes, it is an internet love story!
18. I love to knit. I love to knit. and I love to knit.
19. I come to US at end of 2006 and I miss home terribly.
20. I always have 2 HOME. one in Malaysia and one in Texas.
21. I look very much like my mama. I think I look like my dad too.
22. I studied and stayed in Glasgow, Scotland for 13 months. I had very great time there with my friends.
23. I lost my passport twice. But luckily someone picked it and returned to lost -n- found. Praise the Lord.
24. I continue this post after 16months.
25. I have a dog, its name is Pepe.
26. I am allergic to cat.
27.I love Addi turbo circular needles. I have 9 pairs now.
28.My first ever LV handbag is a gift from my brother.
29.I got my driving license at yr 1998 but only now I dare to drive around in the States.
30.I love make up. Totally obsessed with mascara and eyeshadow.
31.I love sudoku game and I have already completed the DS nintendo brain age 2 sudoku.
32.I love alcohol.
33.I love stickers and nice stationary.
34.I love Judge Judy.
35.I like to play Dance Dance Resolution Wii very much.
I think that is what I can think of so far for the list. I try to update it once a while when I know myself better.