Thursday, January 25, 2007

Winter's Muse Classics - Louisa Harding Yarn
I grabbed this wonderful pattern book - Winter Muse Classics from Louisa Harding yarn last weekend when I visited my LYS. This is a very nice book which I really adore. I spotted few patterns that I definitely want to knit in the future. In fact, I have started on the Ingrid this morning with the wool/alpaca yarn I bought last month. This is a very simple and elegant pattern which is easy to knit too. I been using circular needle to knit most of my projects last year but after using straight needle knitting the yellow cropped jacket, I found that I kinda enjoy knitting with straight needle again now. What a weird me!

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It is a very busy knitting week for me. Not only knitting like crazy on my yellow cropped jacket, I started knitting a Pomotamus sock in white as well. I managed to finish "1" in 3 days. And I am in the " sock-free" period now. Don't feel like knitting any socks till next week. But I have more sockyarns on the way coming!!! haha!!!

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I bought 4 balls of Sugan n Cream sunkiss - yellow from Jo-ann some times ago with no idea at all what I wanted to do with them. Finally I decided to knit the cropped jacket with them. I knew exactly I wont have enough yarn to complete the whole jacket. I have one more sleeve to go and I need one more ball of yarn. So I went to Jo-ann last night try to get the yarn and you already expected what would have happened. yes... that yarn is out of stock. Eeeerrrrrrrggggghhhh...... I have such " Uhmm" power to complete the whole jacket in this week BUT now... I just have no idea when the yarn will be arrived. * sigh *

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I think I have worked on too many lacy patterns lately so its kinda relaxing working on this simple st. stitch for the back piece of Ingrid.
I din't do much with life besides knitting and watching some HongKong tv series. Finally I managed to call to the National Visa Center to talk to a operator after trying for million times. The operator was not very friendly and helpful. But I guess I obtained all the information I need from her. What I have deal with now is the USCIS department, I have to adjust my status in the state. Dang, its just way too much of fussss and crap! I hate dealing with paperworks.. applications... And way too much money on all these applications as well!! You really need alot of patient to deal with all these! Well, its a good news though I know exactly what I need to do next and I can plan for my driving lessons soon.
I don't drive for at least 7 years. I got my driving license in Malaysia when I was 18. Thats the age you can get a license and I managed to get one =) But I am just too "chicken" to drive around in busy KL city. And one real bad thing happened...... I killed a dog at the first day I drove an automatic car. We took the driving test on a manual car back home. Since then, I don't drive at all. I took public transport or cab to everywhere. Or sometimes I have all my good friends take me here and there. Its just too different in the State, you need a car to do everything. And of course its a better and easier place to drive around. But bear in mind, we drive at the wrong side in Malaysia. So... this will be a new challenge for me!!!