Thursday, February 08, 2007

Working on the sleeve
I know that I won't have enough yarn to finish the sleeve for my Ingrid. I need to buy another ball tomorrow. I have blocked the body part few days ago and its so soft lying on the carpet. Really can't wait to put it on.

I have chosen some silver round buttons for the cropped jacket and I got some compliments from family members when I wore it last weekend. I think I will wear this jacket very often as I really like this sweet yellow colour. This will definitely the knitted garment that I wear the most so far.

Pattern: Cropped Jacket from Mag.Rebecca 31

Yarn: Sugar n Cream Yellow 5balls (5 x 4oz)

Needle: 4.5mm

<I have ordered few knitting books and magazines lately but they are not here yet. Been checking my mail box impatiently everyday. Really can't wait to receive my keitodama so I can pick out a nice pattern and start knitting my mom something. I have bought some nice cotton yarns and they are soo ready for new projects. I checked on the Phildar website and there is a GREAT magazine that I wish to own so much!!! I tried so hard not to purchase it. I have actually filled up all the particular details in the payment method and its just a button away I would have ordered it. Haha~ Well, I will give myself 5-days time, if I still can't forget about this book, then I will definitely order it!!! ITs sooo gorgeous! I always have this dilemma when I knit at the last sleeve. Its like it takes forever to complete. Eeerrrrr...