Sunday, February 04, 2007

Its my birthday!!!
I have a wonderful birthday weekend. It started from Friday. This is the first birthday I gotta spend with John since we met at 1999. So this is a meaningful one. He been planning out good this weekend to spoil me real good. We went out for a Italian dinner at Friday night, and I bought some yarn from my LYS after dinner. =) We did little shopping as well and I bought a pair of jeans that really fits me well. It really made my day. DH made some real good margarita for me for the whole night. And I was relaxed knitting my Ingrid, watching tv.

I was waken up by phone calls from home in the early Saturday morning. My dear family members and best friends called up and gave me the very best birthday wishes. I am very touched. Especially I got a call from my parents as well. I really really miss them! But I know very soon then I will be seeing them again!

I dint knit much today. Woke up at noon and went out have a great lunch in my favourite vietnam noodles restaurant. Then I picked my birthday present with my DH in Dillards. John bought me a Coach handbag and a nano IPod as birthday present. I really like them alot. I spent quite some times to pick out the handbag. There are just too many nice design to choose.

I always celebrate my birthday with my family and good friend. So this year is very special to me since its the very first year I have it with John. Thanks God that I am blessed with this loving man. And I really appreciate what he has done for me!

I dont think I ever posted a picture of me and John. Here is the very first picture. Love you baobei!

Happy birthday to me. I wish that... I can have more and more yarn to knit, I can be prettier and prettier... and I can visit home as often as I wish! * What a greedy me ! * by the way... its my 27th bd!

My birthday present! >o<