Thursday, February 08, 2007

THey Come ToGether!
Nina came over last night to learn knitting. She wanted to knit a blanket as her very first project and I suggested to knit a cushion cover instead. I really think its better to knit something small/regular size before trying any big knitting project. She agreed with me and I taught her the simplest stitch which is the garter stitch. She is having fun working rows and rows. So far she is doing pretty good! She is using a soft acrylic yarn for this project and its a pretty good cheap yarn!

We went out together today and we had great time shopping around. Well, I bought another ball of yarn for my Ingrid and smart you would have figured out that I bought some more YARNS!!! Well, story goes this way... This nice lady came up to us and told us that there are some clearance yarns at the back corner, which are discounted for 50 -75%!!! I glanced through all the yarns very quick and most of them are furry-funky yarns which dont interest me at all! But luckily, I found this very sweet cotton yarn. Eventhough there were not much colour options left, I still able to picked out this! A color that I never try before. Its deep brown. Funny brand name ---> King Skipper! 100% Cotton. 50gram. 120meters. Suggested needle 3.5mm-4mm. There were only 6balls left so I bought all. Thats enough to knit a short sleeve top. The price? Its 3.60usd per ball after discount.

I checked my mail box and somethings were waiting for me beautifully there~ All my knitting magazines and books arrived. They come together at the same day! Thats sweet! Wow... I love those Jap knitting books. Those patterns are just gorgeous. But I found that there are some stitches that I never make before. Need to spend some times to figure that out. I know someone who is very good in knitting Jap patterns. Will definitely search help from her when necessary!

Yummy yummy yarns and patterns~ Wish I have another pair of hands though.