Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wow~ I got some yarn as my BD presents!
Today is not as cold as past few days. We actually planned to go to the fort wort zoo with Diana (John's sister) but we think the weather was still too windy for that. Ended up, Diana took us to a LYS which is near her house. That is a nice small yarn shop at the corner lot. Diana wanted to buy me some yarns for my birthday. Wow... she spoiled me too much!!! I would never ever got enough yarn in my life. Woo hoo~

While I was exploring the shop, John and Diana kinda looking around as well. There are many fancy yummy yarn in the shop but personally I think the price is abit too expensive. At first, I picked out a pretty sock yarn. I like the color combinations in this sock yarn. After walking few rounds in the shop, I decided to get some beautiful color wool yarn for felting project~ As it shown in the picture, you can tell I picked out gorgeous blue, pink and green wool. These 3 colors look soo good together already! I am going to make some purse with these yarn.

I guess those beautiful yarns did attract Diana a lot. Eventually she wants me to teach her knitting~ I am always more than willing to teach in knitting! So I got her to choose her favourite yarns first. Then get her a pair of needles. These are all she needs to start her very first project, which is a SCARF~ a "2 knit, 2 purl" scarf.
=) She is a good beginner knitter. She learned real fast and she have the " knit , purl " going on quite good! Proud of her! Keep up all the good work dear~

I am knitting the Eyelet Rib Bandeua at the moment. But I will modify the pattern abit. Instead up knitting the front bands separately and seam it to the body, I decide to pick up stitch at the edge and crchet the bands. I will make a removable strap in this project as well~ This is just a brief idea I have now. We'll see how it goes.