Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am the CoverGirl~
I saw this from CatCat's blog and I think its interesting.
Very fast I made my own magazine and of course with me on the cover.
Yeah! I am on the cover!!!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

$8 Prescription Eyeglasses
You will be surprised how much it would cost to get a pair of eye glasses here compared back home. Another thing is, prescription is a necessity in the state to obtain a pair of eye glasses. I don't really protect my eyes all these years but luckily, I don't need any glasses so far.

John been wearing glasses since he was in teens. It is just a Great Discovery to come across ZenniOptical. A place that sell some of the most stylish prescription glasses online, with a huge selection of frames with single vision lens, sun-sensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens available. They sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer so their costs are low. With no middlemen and almost no advertising budget, there's no need to make their products expensive! To believe or not, you can get a pair of prescription eye glasses with only $8! I think I should tell my parents in law about this as they need a pair of new glasses badly!

**paid post**

Thursday, January 17, 2008

In the 1 Celcius Degree Afternoon...
The weather becomes so cold today, its around 1 - 3 celcius degree. Yeah, I know I should be using America unit fahrenheit but honestly, I think I need more time to get used to that unit.

I haven't been eating right and exercising good after my wedding. haha~ I been eating as I wish and lazing around too much. This afternoon, I just felt like having a walk at my area here. So I changed into my work out clothes, grabbed my ipod, camera, and stepped out the house.

Wind was blowing quite hard and I enjoyed the wind, the sunshine so much! At the same time, I took picture as well. These are the pictures I like to share with you all. There is a park like 5 minutes away my house. I always walk there and jog around it several times as daily exercise.

Beautiful sky, beautiful trees... nice music and a happy me! =)

Thats the pathway I jog on...

One of my favourite trees of Today!

Wonder it takes how much longer for all these leaves to fall?

I like this photo! Can make it into a postcard I think!

My black Rudolph outside my house.
I like the BIG tree of my neighbors.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

So Into Lace Knitting~
I actually have some hectic shrug orders on hand but I was so in the mood to lace knit. So I started one. With the 5 balls Knit Picks Palette peruvian highland wool I bought ages ago, I started knitting a top. 2 balls are used to complete the back piece. I blocked it last night and now it is ready to see you all.

The lace pattern is from a Japanese stitch pattern and the whole top pattern is my own design. The lace turn out real pretty and I just want to complete the front piece badly. But now, I just have to put this lace project a side and start the order project ahead?

What do you think about this lace pattern? I personally like it and it is the first time I knit something using navy color.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bunny Hop Baby Blanket is Done!

Hooray~ Blanket is done!!! I can ship it out on Monday.
Baby Shane will have this blanket soon.
Hopefully this would become his favourite blanky!
I think its nice and cozy!!!

The recommended needle is 5.5mm but I used 6mm,
so I only managed to do 4 repeatations.
So the blanket comes out more lacy than original.

Pattern : Bunny Hop Baby Blanket (free online)
Yarn: Ella Rae Classic Wool 100mg - 3 balls color 7
needle: 6mm
time to complete: 2 weeks

Friday, January 04, 2008

THanks Puteri!!!

Remember that sweet Puteri made me two pair of nice pearl crystal ear rings? I did wear it for one of my wedding event, which was held at my hometown. Thanks Puteri! I love those ear rings very much and here I post some pictures of me in my white doll dress with the ear ring. Can you see it? =) They just goes so well with the pearl pendant that my mom gave me! Thanks again Puteri!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bunny Hop Baby Blanket

I am using the 3rd ball of Ella Rae Classic wool for this project, which is the last ball. I think I still can make another repeatation with it. This blanket will spread up more after blocking. Hopefully I can send it out to Hawaii by Monday. It is an easy project and nice pattern for a baby blanket.

Lately, I saw many nice blankets around, most of them could be found in ravelry. Lets have a look at some great blankets which made by these fantastic knitters n crocheters. Hemlock Ring Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed. I actually had posted it here before. A wonderful piece by him, not only the pattern but the right choice of yarn. So in love with it!

Another two crochet blankets, which are the babette blanket and hexagon blanket. So pretty!!! I am not very patient in crochetting but I think I just have to tolerate with these two gorgeous blankets!!! The first one is made by Lilygo. Just 3 color combination but the outcome is soo nice! Look cozy, doesnt it?

second one is from Chatoune, great great color combination. PINK pink pink!!! The last babette, is made by Overanalyzer. I love them all!!!

Here are the Hexagon blanket. Chatoune made one as well, using the same yarn she used in Babette, which is breathtaking gorgeous as well!!! And the second one, is from Moonstitches. What can I say??? I just wish I can have one!!!

So the question now is... Can I make one? Should I start one??? If the answer is yes, how many color should I use? What yarn? wow... too many questions...... better back to my simple bunny hop now!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Phildar Leaf Pullover
I bought this pattern magazine last year and spotted this pullover at the first sight. The red yarn which was used in the magazine is very pretty but I have no appropriate red yarn in hand so I used the Magenta Ella Rae Classic. I only have 4 balls ( 219 yard per 100gm) and luckily its sufficient to make this pullover.

I started this at 26th of Dec and completed it by today. It was a quick project and also the first time I knitted myself a reverse stockinette stitch knit wear. Picking up the neckline was kinda a challenge for me and personally I think the outcome is still satisfying.

I think I have this problem with most of my sweaters or pullovers which is, I don't really wear them after they are done. I wish this could be an exception and I plan to wear it for my next dine out. I really mean it!
I am now back to my baby blanket. Working on the 2nd repeatation. I wish to complete it within this week and next project would be my own design (if my brain could function right!)

Oh ya! Forgot to tell you all one thing. As usual, my LSY has its annual big SALE at 29th Dec. Crazy 50% sales started on 5am in the morning and I made my way there on time. This is the first time I join the other early BIRDS. My god!!! The line was already crazy long even its not 5am yet and the weather was like 32F. I din't have to line up for too long to squeeze in the shop. Very quickly I got what I want ( I swear, less than 20min ) but it took me like 25mins to pay at the register. Anyway, it was a good deal! I got some Rowan felt tweed, Ella Rae cotton silk and a pair of Addi. Poor John waited for me outside at the parking lot, with some other sweet husbands. haha~ We reached home like 6.30am and got into bed right away. 6 hours later, we both woke up and John was nice enough to offer taking me back to LYS again. Of course I was more than happy to do that!
This time, I picked 4 skein of Berocco Alpaca wool and thought to myself, it was still a good deal after 35% discount. Who knows the lady at the register was nice enough to give me 50% discount since I showed her the stamp on my hand that I had in the morning. YIPPEE!!! I was totally overwhelmed!!! I love YARN!!!

Not too hard to guess, what color of yarn I bought? yup!!! Green and Purple! Duh~