Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bunny Hop Baby Blanket

I am using the 3rd ball of Ella Rae Classic wool for this project, which is the last ball. I think I still can make another repeatation with it. This blanket will spread up more after blocking. Hopefully I can send it out to Hawaii by Monday. It is an easy project and nice pattern for a baby blanket.

Lately, I saw many nice blankets around, most of them could be found in ravelry. Lets have a look at some great blankets which made by these fantastic knitters n crocheters. Hemlock Ring Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed. I actually had posted it here before. A wonderful piece by him, not only the pattern but the right choice of yarn. So in love with it!

Another two crochet blankets, which are the babette blanket and hexagon blanket. So pretty!!! I am not very patient in crochetting but I think I just have to tolerate with these two gorgeous blankets!!! The first one is made by Lilygo. Just 3 color combination but the outcome is soo nice! Look cozy, doesnt it?

second one is from Chatoune, great great color combination. PINK pink pink!!! The last babette, is made by Overanalyzer. I love them all!!!

Here are the Hexagon blanket. Chatoune made one as well, using the same yarn she used in Babette, which is breathtaking gorgeous as well!!! And the second one, is from Moonstitches. What can I say??? I just wish I can have one!!!

So the question now is... Can I make one? Should I start one??? If the answer is yes, how many color should I use? What yarn? wow... too many questions...... better back to my simple bunny hop now!