Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Phildar Leaf Pullover
I bought this pattern magazine last year and spotted this pullover at the first sight. The red yarn which was used in the magazine is very pretty but I have no appropriate red yarn in hand so I used the Magenta Ella Rae Classic. I only have 4 balls ( 219 yard per 100gm) and luckily its sufficient to make this pullover.

I started this at 26th of Dec and completed it by today. It was a quick project and also the first time I knitted myself a reverse stockinette stitch knit wear. Picking up the neckline was kinda a challenge for me and personally I think the outcome is still satisfying.

I think I have this problem with most of my sweaters or pullovers which is, I don't really wear them after they are done. I wish this could be an exception and I plan to wear it for my next dine out. I really mean it!
I am now back to my baby blanket. Working on the 2nd repeatation. I wish to complete it within this week and next project would be my own design (if my brain could function right!)

Oh ya! Forgot to tell you all one thing. As usual, my LSY has its annual big SALE at 29th Dec. Crazy 50% sales started on 5am in the morning and I made my way there on time. This is the first time I join the other early BIRDS. My god!!! The line was already crazy long even its not 5am yet and the weather was like 32F. I din't have to line up for too long to squeeze in the shop. Very quickly I got what I want ( I swear, less than 20min ) but it took me like 25mins to pay at the register. Anyway, it was a good deal! I got some Rowan felt tweed, Ella Rae cotton silk and a pair of Addi. Poor John waited for me outside at the parking lot, with some other sweet husbands. haha~ We reached home like 6.30am and got into bed right away. 6 hours later, we both woke up and John was nice enough to offer taking me back to LYS again. Of course I was more than happy to do that!
This time, I picked 4 skein of Berocco Alpaca wool and thought to myself, it was still a good deal after 35% discount. Who knows the lady at the register was nice enough to give me 50% discount since I showed her the stamp on my hand that I had in the morning. YIPPEE!!! I was totally overwhelmed!!! I love YARN!!!

Not too hard to guess, what color of yarn I bought? yup!!! Green and Purple! Duh~