Thursday, January 17, 2008

In the 1 Celcius Degree Afternoon...
The weather becomes so cold today, its around 1 - 3 celcius degree. Yeah, I know I should be using America unit fahrenheit but honestly, I think I need more time to get used to that unit.

I haven't been eating right and exercising good after my wedding. haha~ I been eating as I wish and lazing around too much. This afternoon, I just felt like having a walk at my area here. So I changed into my work out clothes, grabbed my ipod, camera, and stepped out the house.

Wind was blowing quite hard and I enjoyed the wind, the sunshine so much! At the same time, I took picture as well. These are the pictures I like to share with you all. There is a park like 5 minutes away my house. I always walk there and jog around it several times as daily exercise.

Beautiful sky, beautiful trees... nice music and a happy me! =)

Thats the pathway I jog on...

One of my favourite trees of Today!

Wonder it takes how much longer for all these leaves to fall?

I like this photo! Can make it into a postcard I think!

My black Rudolph outside my house.
I like the BIG tree of my neighbors.