Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rainy week
Its been raining everyday this week! I love rainy day. I love to have a cup of hot coffee, listenning to Norah Jones and the rain sound at the same time, also knit abit. Wow, what a heavenly afternoon! =) Anyway, rainy days make people feels lazy... I am in the lazy mode...

I finished the long sleeves shrug few days ago. I modified the 2 tone ribbed shrug in Fitted Knits to this long sleeves cable shrug. I made this for Shayne in Etsy as well. I used the same yarn which was knitted for the tube dress. I really love this tweed yarn alot. I still have 3 1/2 balls left, its enough to make another shrug. I would like to have a shrug like this for myself this winter. What I like about this shrug design, its the high colar. I have no regret getting myself the Fitted knits. But I think there is a mistake in the lace pattern for the Coquette Lace tube top. I am teaching Nina to knit and this is her first garment. The SKP stitch in the pattern should be SK2togP.

I am knitting lazily at the blouse for my MIL. Working at the back piece still. Tomorrow will start working on the sleeves. Hmmm... I wanna knit a tube top. I got some very summerish colourful yarn yesterday, I think they are great to make a summer beach tube top. I will knit that for my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unbeatable day! Yarn + Shoes
It is a day-out with Nina. She is off today. She arrived around 11am and we spent some times knitting first. She is knitting the coquette lace tube top from the fitted knits. Her first garment project ever and also her first time knits in round using circular needles. She is so excited and yet doing a great job so far!

Our first mission was to cure our hungry devils! We went to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant to have some delicious beef stew noodles and rice. I was not really in the mood for clothing shopping today and I decided just to SHOP for shoes. =) Can never have enough pair of shoes right? Let see, hmmm... I din't buy any NEW shoes for more than 6 weeks. Oh my Gosh! I want new shoes, I want new shoes... for my first every SUMMER in TEXAS!!! YEAHHH! So, this is what I bought. Hey gals, I super super LOVE this shoes can? It is in my favourite green. What a perfect combination, Green and Gold! Its a ribbon flat pump. Here you go! Pictures of me having so much fun posing in it!

John reached home before we did. I dint have to worry about making dinner as he wanted to cook spaghetti tonight. I had knitted this cable lace tube dress for a customer from Sydney. Since Nina paid a visit today, I made her tried that on for me. And I took some pictures in my bathroom. haha~ Coz the dress is a little bit see thru so I dint make her expose to anyone. The customer is about 5.7" tall and she requests the dress to be slightly covered the knee cap. Thats why it is few inches longer in Nina. Same lace pattern and same yarn used in this dress as the cable tank tube I knitted months ago. Just changed needle at the hip and bust. The shape came out better after blocked. Hopefully Shayne will love it!

Dearie postman came abit late today and I got a surprise from him! YEAH!!! My exchanged yarn from Knitpicks are here. I super super love them! Hey, they are in my favourite olive green. Hmmm... almost same colour as my new shoes hoh? It is merino style, 6 balls of them. Its soft wool yarn. The knitpicks sales is over and surprisingly I dint order any this round. You know what, I think I should purchase the colour card of some yarn next time.

Whats on my needle now? Well, I have finished the front piece of the blouse for my MIL. I made it up as I knit along! Ta-dah~ This is how it looks then. The back piece will be in plainly stockinette stitch. haha~ The lace pattern is quite complicated and I am LAZY to make the same pattern for the back piece BUT I will knit some lace pattern at the sleeves. I won't continue this blouse until I complete a shrug. It is a long sleeves shrug requested from the same customer from ETSY, Shayne, to go with her tube dress. I will CO this project tomorrow.

Ooh, many picture uploaded this time. Hope you ladies enjoy ya! I enjoyed my day soo much. Who can resist pretty yarn and pretty shoes right? By the way, I spotted another pair of black leather flat pump as well, and its lovely image still spinning in my mind... should i get it? shouldn't I get it? Should I? Shouldn't I ?......

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Red orange pink!
I bought some yarn from ebay last week with good price. It arrived few days ago and the yarn is kinda rough but I love the color. 6 balls wool yarn in orange red. Probably the yarn will become softer after blocked or washed. I really hope so. So, I took a good look at my yarn stash this evening and I realized I bought quite many RED or PINK yarn lately. I got some out and snapped a picture. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you gals that I frogged the rusted root. I dont know why, I just dont want to continue it, even there are like 4 more inches to finish. I will definitely make this rusted root but maybe have to be other yarn choice.

I tried this new yarn today, it is cotton ease from lionbrand, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. I bought the PINK one, Berry. It will be used to make a blouse for my MIL. Her birthday falls in July. I picked a nice lace pattern from a Japanese pattern book and started knitting the blouse. This will be a " follow-the-flow" kind of project! Short sleeves simple blouse with round neckline, maybe? hehe~

I am still struggling in driving. Yes, I try to get my driving license here. I did pass my driving test when I was 17 back home. But then, I don't really drive after the driving test and I COMPLETELY stopped driving after I killed a dog. To make the story short, I am totally freak out and phobia behind the wheels. In Malaysia, I can go everywhere easily with public transport or taxi, BUT definitely not here in the states. While I am still waiting for my PR, I told myself that I HAVE TO get my driving license before Christmas. Sadly, I only practised twice so far with John. We went to a big, BIG parking lot just now, and I drove at that area in circle for some times. I guess that does help abit. Sigh, whats wrong with me? I am really bad in driving. No joking. But I do believe that practise make perfect! God, Gimme the power~

BTW, I am still waiting for my SP10 parcel~ I am waiting, I am waiting, I am waiting excitedly! =)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

my precious smocked cardigan!
With the very strong determination, I completed this "MY VERSION" of smocked cardigan. I wanna wear it on the coming trip as I mentioned before, remember? =) Now, let the pictures tell you about those modifications I made!

I din't SMOCK the cardigan exactly how it supposed to be in Interweaves Knits. I personally think keeping the 2 straight lines definitely make me look NOT THAT fat in it! ( Might be my own very wrong illusion, who knows right? ) And... I make it into short sleeves! And... I din't make any button holes! Ha~ yeah... too lazy for that AND I replaced the buttons with some transparent snaps... It is a quick project and I have chosen a fantastic yarn this time. It is brown sheep nature spun. Cheap price yarn but comes with quality. I will definitely use it again. I only used up 3 3/4balls of yarn for this cardigan. The whole thing costs less than 15 dollars. Good stuff! It has actually been a while that I haven't knitted any garment for myself lately, and this cardigan is definitely something that I would wear often. I love this cardigan very much! Ok, its time to show you ladies how I look in this sweet thing! =p I will try to take some pictures of me in this cardigan in Shreveport as well!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Package ready to mail
SP10 is about to end and I have my package almost ready to mail out soon. I have picked some nice yarn for my SP10 and I hope she will have so much fun with them. Miranda crochets for long time and she just started knitting not long ago. In this package, I got her a set of DPN in 2.25mm and a pair of bamboo straight needle in 4mm. She said the reason she learns knitting is because she wants to knit a pair of socks. So with the DPN and 2 balls of Phildar yarns, she can knit her first pair of socks out of that. As you can see from the picture, yes, I give her the cotton shine sport yarn I ordered from knitpicks week ago. Its up to her if she wants to crochet or knit it. I believe she definitely will make something beautiful!!! and... I got her some delicious chocolate bar! =) I need to write her a card as well, before I mail out this package. So, be patient Miranda, the package will be on the way very soon! Of course, I am still waiting for MY package to arrive. CAn't Wait ladies!

well packed and ready to surprise my SP10!

I been knitting ( you ladies know knitting is kinda like my JOB here ) and I am knitting a tube dress for Shayne ( a client from Sydney who wants me to knit her a cable tube dress ). She wants a tube dress in the same pattern as the cable tank tube I knitted months ago. I am knitting it from bottom up in round! The progressing is good so far. I change needle size in this project without making any increase or decrease stitches. She is a thin tall girl with killing body. Hopefully it turns out exactly what she wants. Just cant wait to block this tube dress when its done!

I am about to finish the front left of the smocked cardigan and I WANT TO WEAR it in the coming trip to Shreveport. I will have a 2-day vacation to Shreveport, Louisiana with John and my in laws. Shreveport is a gamble town, not as happening as Las Vegas but we had great time visiting there last year. It only takes 3hrs to reach there, so its not a killing road trip this time. Oh ya, when am I going? Its next Monday~ yeah... 11th, do you think I can complete my cardigan??? * I will try my best *