Monday, June 04, 2007

Package ready to mail
SP10 is about to end and I have my package almost ready to mail out soon. I have picked some nice yarn for my SP10 and I hope she will have so much fun with them. Miranda crochets for long time and she just started knitting not long ago. In this package, I got her a set of DPN in 2.25mm and a pair of bamboo straight needle in 4mm. She said the reason she learns knitting is because she wants to knit a pair of socks. So with the DPN and 2 balls of Phildar yarns, she can knit her first pair of socks out of that. As you can see from the picture, yes, I give her the cotton shine sport yarn I ordered from knitpicks week ago. Its up to her if she wants to crochet or knit it. I believe she definitely will make something beautiful!!! and... I got her some delicious chocolate bar! =) I need to write her a card as well, before I mail out this package. So, be patient Miranda, the package will be on the way very soon! Of course, I am still waiting for MY package to arrive. CAn't Wait ladies!

well packed and ready to surprise my SP10!

I been knitting ( you ladies know knitting is kinda like my JOB here ) and I am knitting a tube dress for Shayne ( a client from Sydney who wants me to knit her a cable tube dress ). She wants a tube dress in the same pattern as the cable tank tube I knitted months ago. I am knitting it from bottom up in round! The progressing is good so far. I change needle size in this project without making any increase or decrease stitches. She is a thin tall girl with killing body. Hopefully it turns out exactly what she wants. Just cant wait to block this tube dress when its done!

I am about to finish the front left of the smocked cardigan and I WANT TO WEAR it in the coming trip to Shreveport. I will have a 2-day vacation to Shreveport, Louisiana with John and my in laws. Shreveport is a gamble town, not as happening as Las Vegas but we had great time visiting there last year. It only takes 3hrs to reach there, so its not a killing road trip this time. Oh ya, when am I going? Its next Monday~ yeah... 11th, do you think I can complete my cardigan??? * I will try my best *