Sunday, June 10, 2007

my precious smocked cardigan!
With the very strong determination, I completed this "MY VERSION" of smocked cardigan. I wanna wear it on the coming trip as I mentioned before, remember? =) Now, let the pictures tell you about those modifications I made!

I din't SMOCK the cardigan exactly how it supposed to be in Interweaves Knits. I personally think keeping the 2 straight lines definitely make me look NOT THAT fat in it! ( Might be my own very wrong illusion, who knows right? ) And... I make it into short sleeves! And... I din't make any button holes! Ha~ yeah... too lazy for that AND I replaced the buttons with some transparent snaps... It is a quick project and I have chosen a fantastic yarn this time. It is brown sheep nature spun. Cheap price yarn but comes with quality. I will definitely use it again. I only used up 3 3/4balls of yarn for this cardigan. The whole thing costs less than 15 dollars. Good stuff! It has actually been a while that I haven't knitted any garment for myself lately, and this cardigan is definitely something that I would wear often. I love this cardigan very much! Ok, its time to show you ladies how I look in this sweet thing! =p I will try to take some pictures of me in this cardigan in Shreveport as well!!!