Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unbeatable day! Yarn + Shoes
It is a day-out with Nina. She is off today. She arrived around 11am and we spent some times knitting first. She is knitting the coquette lace tube top from the fitted knits. Her first garment project ever and also her first time knits in round using circular needles. She is so excited and yet doing a great job so far!

Our first mission was to cure our hungry devils! We went to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant to have some delicious beef stew noodles and rice. I was not really in the mood for clothing shopping today and I decided just to SHOP for shoes. =) Can never have enough pair of shoes right? Let see, hmmm... I din't buy any NEW shoes for more than 6 weeks. Oh my Gosh! I want new shoes, I want new shoes... for my first every SUMMER in TEXAS!!! YEAHHH! So, this is what I bought. Hey gals, I super super LOVE this shoes can? It is in my favourite green. What a perfect combination, Green and Gold! Its a ribbon flat pump. Here you go! Pictures of me having so much fun posing in it!

John reached home before we did. I dint have to worry about making dinner as he wanted to cook spaghetti tonight. I had knitted this cable lace tube dress for a customer from Sydney. Since Nina paid a visit today, I made her tried that on for me. And I took some pictures in my bathroom. haha~ Coz the dress is a little bit see thru so I dint make her expose to anyone. The customer is about 5.7" tall and she requests the dress to be slightly covered the knee cap. Thats why it is few inches longer in Nina. Same lace pattern and same yarn used in this dress as the cable tank tube I knitted months ago. Just changed needle at the hip and bust. The shape came out better after blocked. Hopefully Shayne will love it!

Dearie postman came abit late today and I got a surprise from him! YEAH!!! My exchanged yarn from Knitpicks are here. I super super love them! Hey, they are in my favourite olive green. Hmmm... almost same colour as my new shoes hoh? It is merino style, 6 balls of them. Its soft wool yarn. The knitpicks sales is over and surprisingly I dint order any this round. You know what, I think I should purchase the colour card of some yarn next time.

Whats on my needle now? Well, I have finished the front piece of the blouse for my MIL. I made it up as I knit along! Ta-dah~ This is how it looks then. The back piece will be in plainly stockinette stitch. haha~ The lace pattern is quite complicated and I am LAZY to make the same pattern for the back piece BUT I will knit some lace pattern at the sleeves. I won't continue this blouse until I complete a shrug. It is a long sleeves shrug requested from the same customer from ETSY, Shayne, to go with her tube dress. I will CO this project tomorrow.

Ooh, many picture uploaded this time. Hope you ladies enjoy ya! I enjoyed my day soo much. Who can resist pretty yarn and pretty shoes right? By the way, I spotted another pair of black leather flat pump as well, and its lovely image still spinning in my mind... should i get it? shouldn't I get it? Should I? Shouldn't I ?......