Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rainy week
Its been raining everyday this week! I love rainy day. I love to have a cup of hot coffee, listenning to Norah Jones and the rain sound at the same time, also knit abit. Wow, what a heavenly afternoon! =) Anyway, rainy days make people feels lazy... I am in the lazy mode...

I finished the long sleeves shrug few days ago. I modified the 2 tone ribbed shrug in Fitted Knits to this long sleeves cable shrug. I made this for Shayne in Etsy as well. I used the same yarn which was knitted for the tube dress. I really love this tweed yarn alot. I still have 3 1/2 balls left, its enough to make another shrug. I would like to have a shrug like this for myself this winter. What I like about this shrug design, its the high colar. I have no regret getting myself the Fitted knits. But I think there is a mistake in the lace pattern for the Coquette Lace tube top. I am teaching Nina to knit and this is her first garment. The SKP stitch in the pattern should be SK2togP.

I am knitting lazily at the blouse for my MIL. Working at the back piece still. Tomorrow will start working on the sleeves. Hmmm... I wanna knit a tube top. I got some very summerish colourful yarn yesterday, I think they are great to make a summer beach tube top. I will knit that for my Etsy shop.