Sunday, June 17, 2007

Red orange pink!
I bought some yarn from ebay last week with good price. It arrived few days ago and the yarn is kinda rough but I love the color. 6 balls wool yarn in orange red. Probably the yarn will become softer after blocked or washed. I really hope so. So, I took a good look at my yarn stash this evening and I realized I bought quite many RED or PINK yarn lately. I got some out and snapped a picture. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you gals that I frogged the rusted root. I dont know why, I just dont want to continue it, even there are like 4 more inches to finish. I will definitely make this rusted root but maybe have to be other yarn choice.

I tried this new yarn today, it is cotton ease from lionbrand, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. I bought the PINK one, Berry. It will be used to make a blouse for my MIL. Her birthday falls in July. I picked a nice lace pattern from a Japanese pattern book and started knitting the blouse. This will be a " follow-the-flow" kind of project! Short sleeves simple blouse with round neckline, maybe? hehe~

I am still struggling in driving. Yes, I try to get my driving license here. I did pass my driving test when I was 17 back home. But then, I don't really drive after the driving test and I COMPLETELY stopped driving after I killed a dog. To make the story short, I am totally freak out and phobia behind the wheels. In Malaysia, I can go everywhere easily with public transport or taxi, BUT definitely not here in the states. While I am still waiting for my PR, I told myself that I HAVE TO get my driving license before Christmas. Sadly, I only practised twice so far with John. We went to a big, BIG parking lot just now, and I drove at that area in circle for some times. I guess that does help abit. Sigh, whats wrong with me? I am really bad in driving. No joking. But I do believe that practise make perfect! God, Gimme the power~

BTW, I am still waiting for my SP10 parcel~ I am waiting, I am waiting, I am waiting excitedly! =)