Wednesday, October 10, 2007

State Fair of Texas 2007
I have to go to airport in another 20 minutes. Before I leave, I would like to upload some pictures which taken in the State Fair I went on Tuesday. Very nice experience and next yr definitely will go again. Too bad I din't get to eat the Turkey leg, looks very good though. John bought plenty cotton candy and taffy! Many exciting rides there, its just soooo fun!

Bye for everyone now. Oh ya Doris a.k.a Puteri, I received the ear rings yesterday!!! HUgggs and Lovess!!! Thanks very much for the ear rings, I love them heaps!!!!!! I will try to take as many picture as possible and do some posts here too!!!! Talk to you all again in Malaysia! Sayorana!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

BP Solar Decathlon
BP is proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy and sponsor the Solar Decathlon. In this event that occurs every other year, 20 teams from colleges and universities around the globe, participate in an unparalleled solar competition to design, build and operate the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered home. The event culminates in a week-long competition on the National Mall in Washington, DC. This year, the even occurs from October 11–19. The teams compete in 10 contests to determine an overall winner. Using only energy from the sun, the teams generate enough electricity to run a modern household.

BP is sponsoring this special event to discovering cost effective, clean energy solutions for everyday living. They are one of the main corporate sponsors, and the only energy company sponsor, of the 2007 Solar Decathlon and have been involved since the first competition in 2002. Supporting the Solar Decathlon is part of BP’s larger commitment to the promotion and use of alternative energy.

As part of their support for the competition, BP has created a blog in which all of the teams as well as an on-site reporter will write posts throughout the competition. Also, more informations about previous and present BP Solar Decathlon are available at that site. There are just two days away this event, you can find out which 20 university teams are selected and support your favourite team.

My Craft Room
This was Nina's room previously and she painted it bright orange when she was 17 I guess. Pretty quick she got bored and sick of it but din't do anything with it. Anyway, she moved out the house and I can have this room as my craft room.

Still can clearly see the yucky orange beneath the primer

John put on some primer few weeks ago, covering up the ugly orange before we paint up the new color. It took me few weeks to decide what color to paint for my craft room. Finally, I went to home depot yesterday and picked out the color. Its called Crocus Petal. A light purple. =) I never know any flower called Crocus until I saw this paint. I found out more about this flower at Wikipedia and it is a lovely purple flower. I attach a picture here.

I will paint the door white color and also the built in wardrobe doors. Will only hunt for some fabric for the curtain when I come back from Malaysia. The 2nd purple in the picture is Crocus Petal. Hopefully my craft room will look good in this color. Eventually, my yarn stash will be kept in a better place pretty soon.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sing Your Way to Fame
There are so many singing competitions and big singing contests in the world at different continents. We have the idea there are actually many talented singers out there, but not everyone of them is lucky enough to grab the golden opportunity at the right time to be famous as they wish. But I truly believe, most of the musicians or singers, they hope to get recognitions from the others so they have the chance to share their musics or talents.

Algeka is a site that will be no stranger to any singers or musicians soon because Algeka is a part singing competition, part online video site and home of the coolest emerging music videos in the world. Algeka is founded by U.S. entrepreneur Norm Yerke in 2007, it gives music fans the power to create the next star. Algeka's innovative platform gives singer-songwriters worldwide exposure to make sure they are in the right place at the right time and music fans from worldwide will vote on the best.

Algeka accepts music video uploads from around the world for consideration in its online music video site. All songs must be original, by an unsigned solo artist, and run no longer than five minutes. Users across the globe can buy DRM-free downloads of their favorite artists' works: videos for $1.99 and MP3 audio for 99 cents. Thirty second previews are free.

I spent sometimes in Algeka, browsing through some nice music videos and I have to say Esperanza by Melany Moloney is fantastic. Not only her voice is powerful, the music video is nice as well. I wish to see more talented singers or song writers would discover this perfect platform to launch their dreams or careers.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm TAGGED twice!
Wow, I am tagged twice this week and I will complete these both tasks in this post. Firstly, its from N.J.A.P.F, about the view of my desktop. I have fun seeing her desktop wallpaper though, two cute nemos. Cool! Ok, this how my desktop view is everybuddy!!!

It is a wallpaper I downloaded from Paul & Joe. Paul & Joe is one of my favourite cosmetic brands and their packaging is very sweet and nice. Just too bad the new stores they open in the states are NONE near my place. But I will wait patiently for their opening in Dallas. So, you can see many JPEG files are on my desktop. Yes, lazy me should be well organized and store them in specific folders. I think most of them can be deleted. And... I was chatting with 2 person in MSN when this picture was captured. q(> o <)p

The 2nd tag, is from Rain. Its 8 things about me!!!

1. I have very long hair. I have the longest hair ever in my life so far. Its pretty much 2 inch away my butt crack! Opps! Well, just wanna give the better description so you guys have the better ideal.

2. My right arm, hand, foot and thigh are bigger than my left. Especially my right thigh, man! I guess like 1.5" bigger. But then, there are 2 things of my left WIN the right, which are, my left eye is slightly bigger than the right one. AND my left side ribs are slightly higher than the right! haha! Yeah! When I lay flat and take a deep breath, I can clearly feel that my left side ribs are more outer than the right side. I wondered, if my left lung is bigger than my right lung???

3. I love to sing and I can sing. I always went to karaoke and have fun singing with friends. We can sing for 4 hours non-stop.Too bad, I have to sacrisfy this hobby since marrying to US. Again, I love singing! oh ya, I don't mind to tell you, I am very very addicted to mahjong as well when I was back home! haha!

4. I don't LIKE to eat banana. But I like banana cake and I like other things which made of banana, eg: face mask, candle, chewing gum, candy. I remember I had this funny gal fight with my room mates in Glasgow while we were drunk. We pulled each other hair and poured water at each other. Everything was fun but not violent until one girl peeled a banana and smashed it on my face. Guess what? I started crying! Haha! Well, blame the alcohol! And I clearly remember I said this while crying :" How could you do that? You know I hate banana! How could you do that?!"

5. I lost my passport TWICE in my life SO FAR and luckily I found them back. 1st time, in Lauterbrunen, Switzerland. I dropped it in a bus while we visited to a waterfall and the bus driver was kind enough to pass my passport to the local police station. Anyway, I went through a lot only I got back the passport. Long story for this. Tell you gals next time. Its an exciting one, definitely can make a movie. 2nd time, well, I actually din't lost it. Freaking airport people took my passport and checked on it and did not return to me while I am done with custom. I guess I must be too excited to see John, I just left the airport without my passport. Anyway, I got it back in lost and found of the airport. Yup, God loves me very much and I know I am very lucky to be able to get my passport back TWICE after losing it.

6. My first christian name was given my mom. She called me Angel. After that, I changed my name to Freda when I was 14 for a year I guess. Then I stick with my own name till now, which is Kitman. I personally think, my name is not hard to remember or hard to pronounce. But people tend to write my name Kidman, which I can easily understand and forgive but... there are more than 5 person called me Nicole before??? What the hack??? Come on!!!

7. I am always afraid to watch scary movie but I like to watch though. So you will see me covering up my eyes and ears when there is something scary about to pop up on the screen. I guess I am doing way much better now after trained by John for some times.

8. I had my first internet access at year 1997 with my own PC. The first site I logged in was Yahoo and guess what is the first thing I tried searching? Haha... it was... Micheal Jackson! Don't ask me why? I don't even know the answer! But it sounds quite ridiculous right? Haha!

Well, I have decided not to tag anyone because I really think this is a hard task but I sure do hope you all enjoy reading this post! =)
London Sightseeing Pass
How much I wish there was such thing called London Pass when I visited last time. You will be amazed how convenient and much money this pass would save for you. With this pass, London Sightseeing has never been so affordable because it offers FREE ENTRY to 56 of the best charging tourist attractions in London. The London Pass is a ‘smart card’, like a credit card with a computer chip inside which allows you completely cash free entry to 56 London tourist attractions and you have the priority to skip the queue at the busiest attractions. Visitors to London simply pay one off fee for the London Pass duration of their choice, 1,2,3 or 6 days.

Also, London pass with travel allows you to use most modes of public transport within the capital - the famous London Underground or 'tube', the equally famous London red buses, the Docklands Light Railway and more - means that you can focus on what you came to London for. With the London Pass including transport, all your travel within London Transport Zones 1-6 is paid for. You have the idea how much money you could save on transport with this card, don't you?

There are many special discounts on sightseeing attractions and one thing that interests me very much is the good discount offer on theater ticket. No visit to London is complete without seeing a theater. I think my next visit to London will be so much less hassling with this pass in hand! More money saved up in transports, entry tickets to buy nice UK Rowan yarn! Good deal!

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Leaving at 11th Oct!
I will be flying back to Malaysia next week Thursday. I still have some shopping to do but at this moment, I am rushing the last 2 shrug orders I have. I am getting more excited about this trip back home simply because of my wedding. Yes, I am getting excited, nervous about my wedding.

The very first thing I want to settle is the guest lists. I estimate around 200 guests will be invited and attend the dinner banquet and now I just worried that the number might exceed 200.

Well, I think 60-70 are mainly my friends and the rest, are family relatives and my parents friends! This actually consider a small medium size wedding dinner because I have attended a wedding before which had 1000 guests. Sounds scary huh?!

There are few things are totally prohibited in this dinner! 1st, NO karaoke session! Well, if you are not a Malaysian, then let me tell you some cultural habits that appear in most of the weddings in my hometown. Older generations just LOVE to sing at wedding dinner, on the stage. Most of the restaurants provide karaoke service and the scary thing is, some OLD guests will come with their own karaoke vcds. They will pass the vcds to the emcee and tell them which song and what key they want! YES! Freaking act like a professional singer or what! hey! I don't want this crappy thing in my wedding! Thank you!

Another funny thing is, when the first dish is served, those waiters and waitress will come in the hall with the dish plate on hand, walk in style and ONE MORE THING!!! The background music can be killing type!!! Always KITARO! Not saying that I don't like his music or not envy his talents, but its just not something should be played in a wedding! I rather to play STARWARS or something, at least thats John favourite. haha~ I already have best nominations for my wedding emcee, and we all can just enjoy our meal after the emcees announce the food will be served.

I want to give a speech on the stage. Mainly to thank for everyone's presents and some words that I really want to tell my family, friends. That can be a touching moment as I know I will definitely cry!!! Ok, I have to make sure good waterproof mascara is used and the extended eye slashes can HOLD my tears!!! Also, I will have my first dance with John. The song is chosen and its chosen by John. It is "At Last" by Etta James. Very nice old classic. I haven't really picked out the rest of songs yet but I think I want something HOT right after this classic, maybe " Do you love me?" in the Dirty Dance??? So I can twist twist with John! Who know what will happen that night? I can go very crazy under alcohol influence!!! Watch out!

Normally, the bride has to behave very nice, sweet and elegant in the wedding. I bet I will be able to BEHAVE at the first part of the wedding. But, I will just freaking be myself and have good time with everyone there. Everyone there knows the real me! I talk loud, I yell and I laugh crazily when I am happy!!! I want to have the BEST MOMENT with all the guest but not to be the BEST BRIDE of the century or whateva!!! * roll eyes *

You all can tell by now, I already non-stop imagining how my wedding would be right? haha~ One more thing forget to tell you all. I won't have a church ceremony in Malaysia as John and I din't get to attend the marriage course here. (Ahem, not my fault. Sometimes, it just takes forever for man to do ONE thing! just this ONE thing!) Sooo, the conclusion is!!!! I will have the church wedding in the states next year!!! Wooo hooooo !!! That means I can wear my wedding dress again! and I can feel like the most beautiful woman in the world once again! Everytime I think of that, I am just way too excited!

Ok! Enough for now! Lets get back to reality and work on my shrugs now!
Fort William - heaven!
I bet you have heard me talking about how much I heart Scotland for zillion time. Today, I want to talk about my road trip with John in Scotland. We rent a car and had our way on A82 highway the 2nd day he arrived Glasgow. Before we reach Loch Ness, we passed by so many nice places like Loch Lomond, Loch Leven, Fort William.

Fort William is just another amazingly heavenly place you have to visit when you are in Scotland.It is the largest town in the western highlands and Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom, is very close by and the rest of the scenery is simply breathtaking.

We spent a day at one of the Fort William holiday cottage and the experience was superb. Corrie Duff Holiday Cottage situated at the base of Ben Nevis Mountain and only 10 minutes walk from Fort William town centre. The Holiday Cottages are can comfortably sleep up to six persons each and are rated 3 star self catering establishments by the Scottish Tourist board.

Scotland is just a very special country. Not only the nice scenery there, but the building and the history are all breathtaking as well.

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