Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Craft Room
This was Nina's room previously and she painted it bright orange when she was 17 I guess. Pretty quick she got bored and sick of it but din't do anything with it. Anyway, she moved out the house and I can have this room as my craft room.

Still can clearly see the yucky orange beneath the primer

John put on some primer few weeks ago, covering up the ugly orange before we paint up the new color. It took me few weeks to decide what color to paint for my craft room. Finally, I went to home depot yesterday and picked out the color. Its called Crocus Petal. A light purple. =) I never know any flower called Crocus until I saw this paint. I found out more about this flower at Wikipedia and it is a lovely purple flower. I attach a picture here.

I will paint the door white color and also the built in wardrobe doors. Will only hunt for some fabric for the curtain when I come back from Malaysia. The 2nd purple in the picture is Crocus Petal. Hopefully my craft room will look good in this color. Eventually, my yarn stash will be kept in a better place pretty soon.