Friday, October 05, 2007

Leaving at 11th Oct!
I will be flying back to Malaysia next week Thursday. I still have some shopping to do but at this moment, I am rushing the last 2 shrug orders I have. I am getting more excited about this trip back home simply because of my wedding. Yes, I am getting excited, nervous about my wedding.

The very first thing I want to settle is the guest lists. I estimate around 200 guests will be invited and attend the dinner banquet and now I just worried that the number might exceed 200.

Well, I think 60-70 are mainly my friends and the rest, are family relatives and my parents friends! This actually consider a small medium size wedding dinner because I have attended a wedding before which had 1000 guests. Sounds scary huh?!

There are few things are totally prohibited in this dinner! 1st, NO karaoke session! Well, if you are not a Malaysian, then let me tell you some cultural habits that appear in most of the weddings in my hometown. Older generations just LOVE to sing at wedding dinner, on the stage. Most of the restaurants provide karaoke service and the scary thing is, some OLD guests will come with their own karaoke vcds. They will pass the vcds to the emcee and tell them which song and what key they want! YES! Freaking act like a professional singer or what! hey! I don't want this crappy thing in my wedding! Thank you!

Another funny thing is, when the first dish is served, those waiters and waitress will come in the hall with the dish plate on hand, walk in style and ONE MORE THING!!! The background music can be killing type!!! Always KITARO! Not saying that I don't like his music or not envy his talents, but its just not something should be played in a wedding! I rather to play STARWARS or something, at least thats John favourite. haha~ I already have best nominations for my wedding emcee, and we all can just enjoy our meal after the emcees announce the food will be served.

I want to give a speech on the stage. Mainly to thank for everyone's presents and some words that I really want to tell my family, friends. That can be a touching moment as I know I will definitely cry!!! Ok, I have to make sure good waterproof mascara is used and the extended eye slashes can HOLD my tears!!! Also, I will have my first dance with John. The song is chosen and its chosen by John. It is "At Last" by Etta James. Very nice old classic. I haven't really picked out the rest of songs yet but I think I want something HOT right after this classic, maybe " Do you love me?" in the Dirty Dance??? So I can twist twist with John! Who know what will happen that night? I can go very crazy under alcohol influence!!! Watch out!

Normally, the bride has to behave very nice, sweet and elegant in the wedding. I bet I will be able to BEHAVE at the first part of the wedding. But, I will just freaking be myself and have good time with everyone there. Everyone there knows the real me! I talk loud, I yell and I laugh crazily when I am happy!!! I want to have the BEST MOMENT with all the guest but not to be the BEST BRIDE of the century or whateva!!! * roll eyes *

You all can tell by now, I already non-stop imagining how my wedding would be right? haha~ One more thing forget to tell you all. I won't have a church ceremony in Malaysia as John and I din't get to attend the marriage course here. (Ahem, not my fault. Sometimes, it just takes forever for man to do ONE thing! just this ONE thing!) Sooo, the conclusion is!!!! I will have the church wedding in the states next year!!! Wooo hooooo !!! That means I can wear my wedding dress again! and I can feel like the most beautiful woman in the world once again! Everytime I think of that, I am just way too excited!

Ok! Enough for now! Lets get back to reality and work on my shrugs now!