Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm TAGGED twice!
Wow, I am tagged twice this week and I will complete these both tasks in this post. Firstly, its from N.J.A.P.F, about the view of my desktop. I have fun seeing her desktop wallpaper though, two cute nemos. Cool! Ok, this how my desktop view is everybuddy!!!

It is a wallpaper I downloaded from Paul & Joe. Paul & Joe is one of my favourite cosmetic brands and their packaging is very sweet and nice. Just too bad the new stores they open in the states are NONE near my place. But I will wait patiently for their opening in Dallas. So, you can see many JPEG files are on my desktop. Yes, lazy me should be well organized and store them in specific folders. I think most of them can be deleted. And... I was chatting with 2 person in MSN when this picture was captured. q(> o <)p

The 2nd tag, is from Rain. Its 8 things about me!!!

1. I have very long hair. I have the longest hair ever in my life so far. Its pretty much 2 inch away my butt crack! Opps! Well, just wanna give the better description so you guys have the better ideal.

2. My right arm, hand, foot and thigh are bigger than my left. Especially my right thigh, man! I guess like 1.5" bigger. But then, there are 2 things of my left WIN the right, which are, my left eye is slightly bigger than the right one. AND my left side ribs are slightly higher than the right! haha! Yeah! When I lay flat and take a deep breath, I can clearly feel that my left side ribs are more outer than the right side. I wondered, if my left lung is bigger than my right lung???

3. I love to sing and I can sing. I always went to karaoke and have fun singing with friends. We can sing for 4 hours non-stop.Too bad, I have to sacrisfy this hobby since marrying to US. Again, I love singing! oh ya, I don't mind to tell you, I am very very addicted to mahjong as well when I was back home! haha!

4. I don't LIKE to eat banana. But I like banana cake and I like other things which made of banana, eg: face mask, candle, chewing gum, candy. I remember I had this funny gal fight with my room mates in Glasgow while we were drunk. We pulled each other hair and poured water at each other. Everything was fun but not violent until one girl peeled a banana and smashed it on my face. Guess what? I started crying! Haha! Well, blame the alcohol! And I clearly remember I said this while crying :" How could you do that? You know I hate banana! How could you do that?!"

5. I lost my passport TWICE in my life SO FAR and luckily I found them back. 1st time, in Lauterbrunen, Switzerland. I dropped it in a bus while we visited to a waterfall and the bus driver was kind enough to pass my passport to the local police station. Anyway, I went through a lot only I got back the passport. Long story for this. Tell you gals next time. Its an exciting one, definitely can make a movie. 2nd time, well, I actually din't lost it. Freaking airport people took my passport and checked on it and did not return to me while I am done with custom. I guess I must be too excited to see John, I just left the airport without my passport. Anyway, I got it back in lost and found of the airport. Yup, God loves me very much and I know I am very lucky to be able to get my passport back TWICE after losing it.

6. My first christian name was given my mom. She called me Angel. After that, I changed my name to Freda when I was 14 for a year I guess. Then I stick with my own name till now, which is Kitman. I personally think, my name is not hard to remember or hard to pronounce. But people tend to write my name Kidman, which I can easily understand and forgive but... there are more than 5 person called me Nicole before??? What the hack??? Come on!!!

7. I am always afraid to watch scary movie but I like to watch though. So you will see me covering up my eyes and ears when there is something scary about to pop up on the screen. I guess I am doing way much better now after trained by John for some times.

8. I had my first internet access at year 1997 with my own PC. The first site I logged in was Yahoo and guess what is the first thing I tried searching? Haha... it was... Micheal Jackson! Don't ask me why? I don't even know the answer! But it sounds quite ridiculous right? Haha!

Well, I have decided not to tag anyone because I really think this is a hard task but I sure do hope you all enjoy reading this post! =)