Monday, October 08, 2007

Sing Your Way to Fame
There are so many singing competitions and big singing contests in the world at different continents. We have the idea there are actually many talented singers out there, but not everyone of them is lucky enough to grab the golden opportunity at the right time to be famous as they wish. But I truly believe, most of the musicians or singers, they hope to get recognitions from the others so they have the chance to share their musics or talents.

Algeka is a site that will be no stranger to any singers or musicians soon because Algeka is a part singing competition, part online video site and home of the coolest emerging music videos in the world. Algeka is founded by U.S. entrepreneur Norm Yerke in 2007, it gives music fans the power to create the next star. Algeka's innovative platform gives singer-songwriters worldwide exposure to make sure they are in the right place at the right time and music fans from worldwide will vote on the best.

Algeka accepts music video uploads from around the world for consideration in its online music video site. All songs must be original, by an unsigned solo artist, and run no longer than five minutes. Users across the globe can buy DRM-free downloads of their favorite artists' works: videos for $1.99 and MP3 audio for 99 cents. Thirty second previews are free.

I spent sometimes in Algeka, browsing through some nice music videos and I have to say Esperanza by Melany Moloney is fantastic. Not only her voice is powerful, the music video is nice as well. I wish to see more talented singers or song writers would discover this perfect platform to launch their dreams or careers.

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