Thursday, August 24, 2006

Flower Basket Shawl...
I have finally completed it last night ! but it doesnt stretch out as when its blocked. I really shouldnt have used acrylic yarn for this project ! I am not blocking it for second time and hopefully it will stretch out and show the lace pattern better ! I knitted this for a good friend Daph as her bd present... I always love knitting lace pattern! I will hunt for fine wool next week then I can knit myself one FBS! I made a 10-repeats in this and it seems not big enough! So I will make a 15-repeats pattern for next one!

It was soo beautiful when its blocked!!!

Then you can see the edge is curling up~ =(

Eerrrr... cant be frustrated! hold the gear gal! Make a perfect one next time!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Great time out with FRi3nds!
Its Sorn's birthday today but we came out last Friday to celebrate for him. After having a delicious homemade fancy juicy MANGO cake, we all went to Finnegan to have beer there! It always feels good to spend good time with old buddies that you dont meet frequently! We had crazy time drinking, playing poker cards, dancing and singing ( actually screaming most of the time! ) haha.. but who cares! =p

Sorn ... QiaoYi

me n QiaoYi soo "concentrate"... remind me the days

we were in high school

My sweet~ snake bite wooo...

Friendship forever buddies! Cheers~~ for you all Qiao Yi, Liang, HanYong, MeiLing, Christopher...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cast on Flower Basket Shawl!

Is it true? That I am knitting this flower basket shawl? Yes... believe it! I am knitting it! I forgot since when I really really already fallen in love with this pattern but it was a difficult pattern for me back then. After seeing few ladies showing their FO in blogs, I know i gotta make one for myself too. So at the same time I make my brother the boring simple black.. haha... I cast on another new project, which is this beautiful shawl! hoo hoo!!
When i first looked at the pattern, i was TOTALLY confused at the cast on part... and there is this lovely lady gave me a hand! Thanks so much Lois for your tutorial on the casting! It was amazingly helpful!
I am now working on the lower part of the pattern and everything goes well. But you really gotta be very careful reading the pattern and make sure you do it right.. or else, its really such a pain in ass to redo it again!
I have picked acyrlic yarn for this project eventhough my first choice was always cotton, I couldnt find any yarn color which is close to the original one in my yarn shop but this acrylic yarn! Its not expensive! Its Japan yarn ELBE PEONY color no.562. I like this yarn quite much and the effect comes out is not bad too! Here I sitting in front of my PC following the pattern knitting this beautiful shawl!

Heavenly Knitting...

Friday, August 18, 2006

It is so soft n smooth!

The wool sweater for my MIL is finally DONE~ woo hoo! I have it washed once and it feels so soft and smooth now dear! Really cant wait to give it to my MIL and I hope it wont be too big tho. There is a huge difference before and after washed!!! can you see it from the pictures?The bigger picture is the BEFORE garment and you can actually see all the bumps at the lace patterns. But its like paper flat smooth after had it washed. I got some decent shell buttons for it. Again, it is so nice to touch and i GUess its nice to be wear in cold weather! And again... when can i go back to my hubby ? sooner? dont think so! =(

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Simple design for brother... BY ME!!! =)
My brother always complains how crazy i am in knitting! So he been nagging to knit him one long sleeves top for some times. After i have completed my greenie vintage, I decide to knit him one. My brother is very particular in clothing. He keep his diet good and do exercise very regularly ( emm emm.. unlike his sister - me! ) So he has a good body for most of the clothes.
I drew out the design with my very bad SKILL! haha.. but i guess you guys still have a brief idea how this top will look like right ? Its actually a very simple sweater design, but I use very light yarn for it! Since he will wear it in humid hot Malaysia. And.. to cut cost in the yarn... haha... i chose black Aminah yarn again for this sweater! Use double strands with 3.5mm circular needles!

I have almost completed the back piece, now working at the armwhole. Then will work on the front piece.I have chosen a nice cable pattern for it! Will show it here when i knit till around 10" long. cant wait cant wait!

Monday, August 07, 2006

it looks good on me!!!

Here I try on my greenie ~ Wooo~ It looks gorgeous on me! ha! Well, I just love it very much! Never tired of trying out lace pattern ! Errrr... cant wait to start a new one in black!
I bought the VOGUE fall yesterday and basically there is nothing really interest me! Well, There are 2 sock patterns are nice and I just have no mood to work on sock now. And the pattern is quite difficult as well... definitely need more time to understand the pattern!
Greedy me want to knit another top again! no idea yet but will still make the priority to cotton yarn! Dont know why, Just love cotton alot! Maybe will do some wool project when i get back to state.
Woo Hoo! More new projects coming!

Finally, I have completed my Vintage Greenie and Blouse for MIL. =)
The VG is being blocked in my room now and I need to look for some buttons for the purple one. Both objects come out very nice and I like the vintage greenie alot. Same problem which is the lace pattern hole is quite big and I need to wear a sphagetti inside or a nude color full cup bra!~ haha! I modify it to shorter sleeves! I just put a small cute shell button at the neck line there instead of making a button up top!
I plan to knit another VINTAGE but in black color for my best friend! This time i will use smaller needle so i dont have to worry about the hole again! She will like it !
Will block the purple blouse after putting up the buttons! Hopefull my MIL will like it!!! woooo ~