Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cast on Flower Basket Shawl!

Is it true? That I am knitting this flower basket shawl? Yes... believe it! I am knitting it! I forgot since when I really really already fallen in love with this pattern but it was a difficult pattern for me back then. After seeing few ladies showing their FO in blogs, I know i gotta make one for myself too. So at the same time I make my brother the boring simple black.. haha... I cast on another new project, which is this beautiful shawl! hoo hoo!!
When i first looked at the pattern, i was TOTALLY confused at the cast on part... and there is this lovely lady gave me a hand! Thanks so much Lois for your tutorial on the casting! It was amazingly helpful!
I am now working on the lower part of the pattern and everything goes well. But you really gotta be very careful reading the pattern and make sure you do it right.. or else, its really such a pain in ass to redo it again!
I have picked acyrlic yarn for this project eventhough my first choice was always cotton, I couldnt find any yarn color which is close to the original one in my yarn shop but this acrylic yarn! Its not expensive! Its Japan yarn ELBE PEONY color no.562. I like this yarn quite much and the effect comes out is not bad too! Here I sitting in front of my PC following the pattern knitting this beautiful shawl!

Heavenly Knitting...