Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Simple design for brother... BY ME!!! =)
My brother always complains how crazy i am in knitting! So he been nagging to knit him one long sleeves top for some times. After i have completed my greenie vintage, I decide to knit him one. My brother is very particular in clothing. He keep his diet good and do exercise very regularly ( emm emm.. unlike his sister - me! ) So he has a good body for most of the clothes.
I drew out the design with my very bad SKILL! haha.. but i guess you guys still have a brief idea how this top will look like right ? Its actually a very simple sweater design, but I use very light yarn for it! Since he will wear it in humid hot Malaysia. And.. to cut cost in the yarn... haha... i chose black Aminah yarn again for this sweater! Use double strands with 3.5mm circular needles!

I have almost completed the back piece, now working at the armwhole. Then will work on the front piece.I have chosen a nice cable pattern for it! Will show it here when i knit till around 10" long. cant wait cant wait!