Monday, August 07, 2006

Woo Hoo! More new projects coming!

Finally, I have completed my Vintage Greenie and Blouse for MIL. =)
The VG is being blocked in my room now and I need to look for some buttons for the purple one. Both objects come out very nice and I like the vintage greenie alot. Same problem which is the lace pattern hole is quite big and I need to wear a sphagetti inside or a nude color full cup bra!~ haha! I modify it to shorter sleeves! I just put a small cute shell button at the neck line there instead of making a button up top!
I plan to knit another VINTAGE but in black color for my best friend! This time i will use smaller needle so i dont have to worry about the hole again! She will like it !
Will block the purple blouse after putting up the buttons! Hopefull my MIL will like it!!! woooo ~