Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I have no idea how year 2009 passed by so quickly.
Let see what I have done for the whole year.

I spent 3 months at home Malaysia from March till May.
I got to work as a retail pharmacist for that 3 months
and John joined me at April and we had 2 weeks amazing holiday
together at Malaysia, celebrating my Dad's 60th year old Birthday.

I missed the crawfish party at Mike and Glo's at May 2009
and I won't miss it again for year 2010.

I have been so busy knitting tons of accessories for
the Bazaar Craft fair at October and I made decent money from it.
Also, my ETSY sales has improved compared with last year
which is very encouraging to me.

Also, another BIG NEWS!
My student loan has finally been paid off!

Year 2010 will be an exciting one I guess.
I don't expect too much changing or set myself any BIG resolution
because I believe happily living everyday
like it is the LAST day of your life is the point!

I thank God for granting me such wonderful year 2009