Thursday, September 03, 2009

If I were my Laptop...
If I were my laptop, I know for sure I will always be a happy laptop. I take care of my laptop very well because I can't take any risk of losing it. I do most of my daily activities with my laptop so I am very cautious with everything I do with it. I make sure I won't visit to any virus infected site and I always make sure to clean or vault all possible harmful spywares.

If I were my laptop, I am pretty sure that I am a HP DIVA because I sing good and I perform well. I play wonderful songs for my owner at least 3 hours a day and I am happy when my owner is happy with my performance. Also, I am proud to be able to connect my owner with her family back home in Malaysia. Through my eye, they can see each other and through my mouth and ears, they can talk and listen to each other too. I am built to be multi-tasking and I handle all my task very well.
Eventhough my laptop is already 2 years old, it still functions and performs very well. White is always my favourite color for most of the things I purchase so the HP laptop I have now is in snow white. I still love it as much as when I first saw it!

Do you love your laptop as much as I do? Or you are actually thinking to get a new one because you are not happy with the current laptop or pc? You should now visit to HP Home Store since they are having promotions. Check out the $30 stackable site-wide coupon at their site and also,
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This promotion valids through 31st October or while supplies last. So if you have something you feel like getting from HP, this is the right time! It will not cost you a fortune to get a new good laptop anymore. Pick one HP laptop that you really like, and let it presents the best of itself for you!