Thursday, July 20, 2006

Its a good mood day!
Its a Friday, and I am waiting for cab to bus station. I work as a locum pharmacist at Genting Highland during weekends. Its a very relaxing job and I kinda like it. I need to work to make sure i still have some income while waiting for the stupid visa.
We got another email from US government, telling us that the preliminary processing is complete. Well, I just dont know how much longer they need to get my visa done. I just miss my hubby a lot. Time flies, I have been here for more than half year. eerrrrrr... * = _ = *
I always bring a knitting project with me whenever I work up at the highland, so i can keep my hands busy on the way there. Really gotta rush up abit in the MIL blouse. Have to complete it before I fly back to the state o!
What a nice mood today! I just like my life ! =)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

favourite colour = Green + purple !

My on hand projects now are a blouse for my M.I.L and a cotton green lacey top for myself ! Sigh, I dunno how much longer I still need to wait for my visa tho, but I hope I can finish these 2 projects before I go back to US. I did mofied these 2 patterns from long sleeves to short sleeves.
I use very cheap cotton yarn for the greenie but I like the colour and the yarn quality is not that bad! And I have picked wool yarn for my MIL as she can wear it during autumn or winter! the purple blouse pattern is a simple and sweet one, just a simple lacey pattern at the bottom !

Monday, July 10, 2006

too sexy ? too cute!

I really like this pattern when i first saw it! But then i modified the sleeves part as it turns out real big.. like elephant EARS! I enjoyed doing the crochet part alot and its great that I know how to read those crochet pattern now! I havent got a chance to wear this yet.. cause my brother thinks it abit too sexy to be wear in Malaysia! haha.. those holes in between the crochet flowers! well, I will still wear it! Maybe later to work ! =p