Friday, January 13, 2006

I am very Excited n Happy!
I am soo sooo happy! I finally learned how to do more with my blog. As you can see, I am managed to upload pictures, banner and button at my sidebar! Yes... it is not something very difficult and I totally agree with it. But for someone like who is soooo dumb in computer, it is really something I am so proud of myself!
haha...Of course, I get this important help from I am really really thankful to this wonderful website! I am sure when my hubby comes back from home, he will be proud of me too when he sees this small achievement!
Aaaahhh... will try to get some books and tutorials about blogging and HTML. I want to have more fun with this knitting blog!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My little luxury world!
With all my love n passion in knitting, I have finally start this blog especially for it! There are so many wonderful knitting blogs around and I have been having so much fun PLUSSS * enviness * surfing them.
Well, I started knitting four years ago. My first project was a sweater for my boyfriend (now my hubby!) I was totally indulged in this wonderful craft art and spending day and night knitting the sweater. Since then, I knitted many scarves for close friends and coursemates too since I studied my last year of course in Scotland. Cooooooold country! But totally enjoy it ! Will definitely go back travelling!
I am currently in the state and been here for about 3 months. I spoiled myself to the fullest by crazily buying yarns, megazine and doing all the projects! At the same time, I pick up crochet as well and I believe I did not bad too! Still.... I love knitting better!
How can I describe that kind of feeling when you have the needles and yarn on n off your fingers? that kind of sensation is GREAT ! ITs like your magic hands n fingers are creating a new wonderful world, flying dancing in the air...... and when you have your project completed in the WHOLE PIECE, that is even a greater better feeling! Great acchivement! NO DOUBT!
But... So far I had just knitted some socks, lace pattern scarves, some handbags... And I am really really looking forward to starting my BIGGER project. I want to knit some wear-piece, nice top, nice sweater, nice shawl, nice shrug......
Wish me luck and... yeah... I wanna tell you again... I really really LOVE knitting! hehe